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  1. Thanks for the reply Rae! I will give that a try. I've tried to apply cobalt oxide to bisque and then follow with clear, but it always smeared and got everywhere. Perhaps applying overtop of the clear glaze is the answer. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has recommendations on how to achieve a bleeding and running effect with underglazes. I've included a few pictures where the blue (I'm assuming underglaze) is showing the effects I am trying to achieve: the bleeding edges shown on the plate with blue circle, the bleeding/minimal run on lip of goblet, and the running on the bottom cup. I've been trying it with Amaco underglaze on bisqued pieces followed by Amaco transparent and fired to both cone 5 as well as 6. I have also tried applying it on top of the transparent, but every time the edges stay pretty crisp.
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