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  1. I don't feel experienced enough to make my own glazes, but thank you Min! Does Heath sell glaze? Thank you for your help.
  2. Has anyone ever seen a glaze that turned out close to this color? I have some pieces that would look great with this color scheme. Thanks! Elise
  3. I will be doing a cone 6 firing tonight but I'm going to try the advice of going to cone 5 with a hold. I have witness cones so we will see. Fired bisque with medium speed last night so I will see in a couple hours if anything blew. Thank you everyone for your advice. @Min I use porcelain and Georgies dark chocolate clay...so definitely a mix.
  4. It's a Skutt 1027-3. Mostly vases, plates, mugs, and bowls. Thank you for your help!
  5. Anyone have advice on if it's necessary to go slow speed when bisque firing to cone 05 and all pieces are bone dry? Also, is it a good idea to do a short hold at the top? And then for glaze firing is it best to go slow speed as well? Thanks for the advice!
  6. I'm looking in to two kilns to work for a couple years while I save up for a new kiln. There isn't a whole lot of information that I can find comparing which one is better so it would be great if anyone has any advice! The first is a Cress Electric Kiln model B-27-H for $396. Around 15+ years old and the elements inside appear to be in decent condition. The second one is an Econo Kiln J18 with a kiln sitter for $250. From my research this seems to be a fairly old kiln however the elements inside look in great condition. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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