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  1. Is it possible to get the 'rust breaking' effect in a cone 6 electric glaze or is that effect limited to cone 10? I'm talking a glaze or technique that where it breaks over texture leaves a trail that looks like rust. I only have access to cone 6 electric at the moment. Thanks for the info.
  2. I would love to add some glow in the dark type of glaze to my current work focusing on fireflies... does such a thing exist?
  3. Hey all.. I'm relatively inexperienced with clay but loving the learning. I've recently found a very dark brown clay body that is a dream to throw with. The only problem is that every glaze I put on it looks like crap. I'm sure it's the iron oxide in the clay body interacting with the glazes, but am unsure what glazes to switch to. I only have the ability to use commercial glazes at this point, so if you know any that work well on a dark clay body, I would appreciate the heads up. Thanks!
  4. My main issue is I'm required to wear dress pants and dress shirts to teach ceramics (thank goodness the concept of teachers wearing ties has finally passed). I like the idea of lab coat, but things have a tendency to soak through and still stain my dress clothes. I have the split leg denim aprons which work well but my kids are messy and I still end up with mystery stains on my arms and back. Denim coveralls might be the best solution.
  5. Before I go and reinvent the wheel, what are the best ceramic aprons/smocks you have found? I have the apron with the split legs which is good, but my arms still get gunky... (I'm a high school teacher that has to dress professionally while teaching ceramics all day - everything I own has stains) Ideally, I'd like the ceramic split leg apron with sleeves and a ton of pockets.... Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.
  6. Ok, anyone know what the heck size the allen wrench needed to adjust the attachable seat? Seems I have tried everything under the sun and can't find one that fits.
  7. Bingo. That's it. I never knew that it would only go to Cone 5. I will go ahead and check the elements/relays by running a ramp/hold as well. Thanks to all for the quick advice!
  8. Hey all, My school has a Skutt kiln that has been running fine doing low fire. I tried to do a cone 6 fire and received the dreaded E-1 error. The kiln is only 3 years old and is only used 4 months out of the year. It was moved to a new kiln room this year and it does have a downdraft vent, but the new kiln room is small with no windows and it gets VERY hot in there. Could the room temperature trigger an E-1 or is it definitely something inside the kiln? Thanks for the input!
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