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  1. well....sooo many views , ive no idea yet were to start. but thanks all, i will work it out some good advice here
  2. interesting about the zince [none here] i intend to use clear made of: calcium borate 40 lead biscilicate 35 cornish stone 10 china clay 5 whiting 10 so it seems [from above advice] that to this is can add iron to make green which is a celedon...right? i dont see anything toxic here, if i make it, the lead is fritted and i think iron is ok. would this glaze be safe? am i right to think that this celedon can be modified/made for s/ware in oxidization? thanx
  3. thanks to several people above. i looked in my box and found other color stains , if i cant find a food safe green glaze to make i will order masons stain in green. now that i know what it is Soren. am in uk. interesting that masons moved to the US, always thought they were American. couldnt find any ref to that green iron [as above] on the web ive got lots of raw glaze ingredients and have vowed to use them before starting something new like stains, unless i have no alternative thanx
  4. thats interesting . a mid green , i will look in my boxes and see what ive got.....what are masons stains? there site was no help
  5. hi thanks everyone , would have been back sooner but am not getting notifications. will check frequently will be stoneware temps about 1260c mid green probably . does darker mean more copper? oxidization. i could use mason stains but would prefer to make a glaze [i will check the m/stains link, thanx. right now i want to do some samples, not the actual order Neil: what is iron green pls. ive got a few iron oxides here, i also have a good clear base glaze thanxs
  6. hi does anyone know of a green food safe glaze and would share it. they do exist but after weeks ive found nothing. i know there are degrees of "safeness" which is the problem. i spoke with a uk glaze manufacturer who said its acceptable to use a regular green on outside of a mug away from the rim but i would prefer to find one that can be used inside and out a cafe needs some green coffee mugs and i dont want to be responsible for killing of there customers thanx
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