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  1. I downloaded the pictures using my iPhone as I don’t have a computer so they might not work for some of you. But I think Min hit the problem. I’ve noticed it’s more likely with the thinner walled pieces. And only with this tenmoku glaze. Thanks Min
  2. I uploaded clearer pictures of the crawling problem. -Shonnie
  3. I am perplexed why I get this crawling in about 1 in 10 mugs. The mugs are poured in an old hand built mold, from large batches of slip. At leatherhard cleaned up and sanded when dry. I rinse them all well with a clean sponge after bisquing and allow to dry 24 hours before glazing. The glaze is a large batch I’ve been using for a year. I’ve never seen this on anything but these mugs.
  4. I Have re-fired about 10 pieces from this load. I decided to take advantage of the popular style being naturals and whites. I'm very happy with how well some of these pieces turned out. I can't get the pics to load. It pops up a warning that size must be under 1000 kb ?
  5. If anyone else has this surprise of overfiring bisqueware, here's possible salvage options; #1 PZ white glaze went on almost normal. I sponged all the extra water off the top of the glaze to re-add later, so the glaze was quite thick. #2 I heated the ware to 250* in my oven before applying glaze My Osiris colored glaze also had a low clay content and it went on pretty well too
  6. Thanks guys. And thanks for the tip about review program. I wondered if there was a way to double check.
  7. My L&L kiln didn't start when I hit Start after choosing the program, so I hit it again. Maybe this caused it to refire like the previous firing? Anyway I have a kiln load of lovely unglazed bisquware fired to 2160* Will glaze adhere now?
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