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  1. Yes, it is a free online event! The Ceramic Congress will run the online ceramics videos between October 14 - 20. You'll just need to sign up at the link provided: https://cherylquintana--tcs.thrivecart.com/the-ceramics-congress-digital-downloads/ I hope that you can join! Cheers!
  2. Come join me at the Ceramics Congress! The Ceramics Congress is an Online Event celebrating ceramics worldwide. It runs between October 14th and October 20th, 2019. During the week, you get to watch over 27 pottery workshops from a diverse range ceramic artists from all over the world... from the USA, UK, Australia, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and Brazil... and without leaving the comfort of your own home, because it's all ONLINE and FREE!! For more information, come sign up and check it out at the link below: cherylquintana--tcs.thrivecart.com/the-cera
  3. I was over the moon with excitement when I pulled these out of the kiln. Still a bit warm, but they'll be making their way over to the Sidestreet Arts gallery in short order. These were glazed with Georgie's Interactive Pigment (Treebark) and then stock Georgie's glazes.
  4. Hi All: When firing my kiln, I will wait until I have enough pieces to jam the kiln full. But the more that I thought about things, maybe this isn't the best practice. For example, if one piece blew up in the kiln, this could have the potential of ruining an entire shelf worth of sculptures. Just curious what others do. Do you wait for a full kiln or selectively fire based on the pieces? Thanks in advance for your input! Cheers!
  5. Cone 04 bisque. Glazed with Georgies interactive pigment "Tree Bark", then fired to Cone 6. No English bulldogs yet, but it sounds like an interesting project!
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