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    Hood River, OR | Mazama, WA
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About Me

Cheryl Quintana is a self-taught ceramic sculptor who lives and creates her works in Mazama, WA and Hood River, OR.  A native of the midwest, her sculptures reflect a love of all things animal, including the occasional barnyard variety.

In her youth, Cheryl aspired to pursue an art degree and become an artist.  In the end, her parents had their input and she attained a B.A. from Wartburg College in Waverly, IA, majoring in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration Management.  This jumpstarted a 30 year career, allowing Cheryl to travel the world over, installing computer imaging systems for large multi-national corporations.  

On January 3, 2017, Cheryl said “Goodbye!”, to the corporate world, picked up a 25 pound bag of clay, and gleefully started teaching herself to sculpt.  Never once regretting this decision, she now aspires to constantly improve her sculptures and hopes to reach her audience through her work.

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