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  1. Hi, What is pottery plaster and how is it different than plaster?
  2. Thanks Neil, I just got off the phone with Bailey as "old lady" suggested. Mike at Bailey told me exactly what you just said as well as what Pres said about the belts. He suggested that at the worst, I might have to put $200 in it, but it would be an entirely new wheel if the control, the pedal, the belts, and some other stuff all had to be replaced. He suggested that would probably be unlikely that it would need all of that. He did not mention the potentiometer that Marcia mentioned. He also suggested start low and go from there just as Min and Mark did. He also told me to go see it, take pictures, and send them to him so I will probably do that if the gentleman can accommodate me later today or Thursday. Thanks to all of you who have been so very patient and generous by answering my questions and requests for information. You have given me so much valuable information and I have been learning so much by reading the forums about my topics as well as other topics. So any suggestions how I should transport the wheel if it is in good condition? I have a Pacifica Mini Van that is completely open in the back. Should I secure the wheel head or put foam rubber under it? Should I use bungie cords to try to secure it to the back seat and keep it from moving? Should I try to use some thing to surround the table so it does not slide or tip. It is about one hour away from me and mostly freeway driving except for a maybe 20 miles on country roads. WELL--The seller would not budge. He wants $550, the foot pedal would not run the wheel at a low speed consistently. It ran very very slowly almost half the speed of any wheel I have used at the college with the pedal at full speed and would shake at every speed. I passed.
  3. Thanks, Min and Mark!! My instincts told me that it was too much money. When he said I could make him an offer, I was thinking I could start at 500, but I knew that might be too much especially since he cannot remember exactly how old it is and he did not have pictures of his exact wheel, but posted one from bailey's web page. He did tell me it was very "yellow from the clay", but I am not sure if that would happen. In addition, I think not knowing its age and exact history makes it more difficult for me to re-sell it should I have have unforeseen health issues as I age. He has moved it four or five times across the country. He bought it when he was in Maine as an apprentice and has now ended up in Ohio making two or three stops along the way. When I asked about plugging it in, he said he was not sure he could find a cord to do that. I will probably see if I can locate my 100 foot extension cords that I used in my classroom and see if I can go out there this week. Thank you again,
  4. Hello everyone, Any price opinions on a Bailey wheel that is maybe 15-20 years old? The owner was a production potter. It is a Bailey Pro X with the optional table extension. It is about one hour drive from me. He is asking $800. He said he has not made any repairs or had to have it serviced. I think $800 is too much, and told him I wasn't sure about his price. He told me to make an offer, but I don't have any idea what to offer. I can't find the information about the motor size on bailey's website. He has had it stored in an unheated shed for 4 years. I don't know if that would cause any problems. I think I read on one of the many topics here that for a newer wheel 3/4 the price of the new is fair. The price he has is 69% of the new one which would come with Baileys warranty. I was thinking I could offer $600 which is half the price of the new. I know people say haggling is expected.
  5. Thank you, I believe that is what I am going to do. Someone called me about a wheel for sale locally, but I think it is one of those old 2 speed amacos with the built in aluminum tray/dish. He wants 400$ and he has it mounted on some type of cart with wheels. I haven't seen it, but I do not think I would like to use it with only two speeds. Additionally, I think $400 for that machine, if he ever sends me the pictures, is just too much.
  6. Thanks I appreciate your perspective and help.
  7. So Neil, just to clarify, do you think the built in splash pan is difficult to clean and deal with? I did not get that impression.
  8. Oh, it doesn't lock somehow under the wheel head? The Brents I use at the college have like a little lip that you slide the each half of the pan under? But now that I say that, it makes sense that the one piece splash pan on the Skutt probably has no way to lock under anything to hold it in place and that would be a huge difference. On the Brents, I do brace against the splash pan and if the Skutt is moveable it would be awful. Thanks again!!
  9. Hi again, If he does the commutator stone, would it void his warranty? I am thinking about buying a Skutt wheel and this problem with the noise really makes me hesitate. I do not notice on your video that it sounds very noticeable a sound to me until the very end. Having said this, I do not own any wheel and work on brents at the college which all sound worse than your video.
  10. Hello, As you may have observed, I have been looking at used wheels and trying to find one I could buy for quite some time. I have decided to buy a Skutt wheel. They have been very helpful to talk to in making this decision. I was put off a bit when someone here had difficulty with the loud sound of his new skutt, but I think he has resolved that. I'm not sure. I have not seen him post whether or not the new motor they were sending resolved his issue, but Rex got one after two months of waiting and his is fine. So it has made me decide to forget searching for wheels that are old and nearly the cost of the new ones. Here's my question: I was all set to get the non-removable splash pan, but two different people suggested they are difficult to clean and "sponge out". The sales person has both in stock and it's less expensive to get the removable splash pan so there is no motivation there to suggest I buy that one. What are your opinions about these splash pans? Is having the built in pan truly more time intensive to clean? Is it easier to just take the big (I would imagine somewhat cumbersome) splash pan to a slip garbage can? I am 66 and do have issues with my back. I would not want to buy the removable pan if it is going to be heavy and awkward to move--which is why I originally was going to get the classic. And while they have them both in stock, they do not have one for me to touch/ play with because they use mostly the Shimpos in their studio/class area and sell more Shimpos than anything else. In fact, they suggested I consider the Shimpos.
  11. MANY, MANY, THANKS to all who commented!!!! I ,too, was considering a small kiln. I have the electrical service for a bigger one, but just thought if I had a small one it could save space and be easier to load and take care of.
  12. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with this older shimpo? I have found one for sale for $450. It has a 1hp motor and has been treated well. It has a 1hp motor and a large work table like a half moon that surrounds the wheel at one end of it. On Shimpo's manual page they describe it as : "The Master Series utilizes state-of-the-art components to achieve remarkable power combined with extremely smooth speed adjustment and virtually noiseless operation. Features of the M400 and M750 include: • Heavy-duty steel construction assures long service life • PWM controller/industrial grade potentiometer/ribbed belt drive together maximize motor power while ensuring smooth speed adjustment and noiseless operation • Fully enclosed body case keeps internal parts dry and clean • Removable bottom plate permits easy access to interior • Remote foot pedal will independently hold speed while ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility • 14” wheel head easily accommodates large work" Are there any disadvantages to this type of wheel vs a new Skutt or Brent? I am not sure what the PWM controller is or why an industrial grade potentiometer with a ribbed belt drive would be an advantage, but the company must have thought it was a benefit--or hype. Any thoughts? Thank you,
  13. So, does your new skutt make noise like the one Brettmonahan has does? I called a local ceramic supply store and they told me they thought Skutt wheels were louder than most. The person said the ones with the ssx foot pedal were not as loud as the ones without it, but they too were still on the loud side. I was all ready to just buy one until the person at the store told me that. What do you think ? Do you find it loud? No one has ever mentioned the noise until Brettmonahan mentioned the noise problem with the new one.
  14. Thank you, I will see if I can get over there to get more information and pictures. You are very much so a huge help.
  15. Thank you !!! Thank You!!! You are very experienced and probably very skilled with repairing old wheels since you have a number of them. What are the odds that there might be something more wrong with this wheel and if I spend the $250 I won't make it work properly? Where are the pitfalls I would need to avoid? What could I do wrong in replacing this wheel head that would ruin the wheel? Does anyone know what model this wheel might be and what horsepower it might have?
  16. Here are pictures of the wheel and the link to the video on You Tube. I tried to put it in the post, but it will not let me do that. Here is the link: Video of the wheel spinning and banging. You have to go to the end to see underneath the wheel
  17. Thank you. I am going to go get more pictures!! It has the yellow splash pan, but I did not look under it. She told me today it is from 1998. She was taking classes in ceramics and it was given to her given by a potter who was no longer interested in bothering with ceramics. Thanks again, Carole
  18. If a wheel does not appear to be centered when it spins, can it be corrected? If so what has to be done and how expensive might it be? The owner said it is "off center". It seems to make a loud noise as if it is hitting something every time it goes around. She said I could have it. I just don't know if it's worth the bother. I have an mp4 video of it, but I do not know how to change it to put it in a type of file that will let me up load it to this forum. It's a very old Brent from the 70's.
  19. Thank you for your ideas. I have done most of what you are saying and am not being very successful.
  20. Call Skutt and talk to Perry. I was asking him about loud noises and told him that someone had been told it was normal. I just sent him this link because I was thinking of buying a new Skutt wheel. He has not yet called me, but he has been very helpful in answering all types of questions I had about a new wheel.
  21. So is a $700 price reasonable for a 20 year old wheel in your experience?
  22. Hello everyone, I have been looking for a used wheel for at least 2 years now. I recently came close to finding a used Skutt that was only 5 years old, but the person decided to keep it rather than sell it. Nothing used seems to be available in North Eastern Ohio, or Western PA too often. I am finding mostly Brent wheels and sometimes a Clay boss. Every wheel I have been finding lately is at least 20 years old, hasn't been used in years; in addition, people want $700-$800 for them. I guess I was very lucky when the five year old skutt was only $700. To add to the confusion a Brent C in 2006 only had a 1/2 hp motor while the new C's have 3/4. I do not even know wht hp motor the older B's have compared to the newer ones. I do not know how old is too old to buy a used wheel or what problems develop at 20+ years. I do not know what types of expenses would be incurred on a repair for an older wheel, but I read in the forum that Brent charges a lot of money for the parts for old wheels. I do know that there were a number of years when the Brents had a problem with the control panel--but do not remember what years it was or how to identify them. I think it has to have physical switches to turn on and buttons. My thoughts are that a wheel that has been stored and not used for 5 or more years could have some issues--especially depending on where and how it was stored. One person video taped the sound of her Brent so I could hear what it sounded like and even corrected the foot pedal when she made the video because it did not stop completely when it was supposed to be stopped. I would be appreciative of any comments or opinions anyone is willing to share. I am thinking I will give up and just buy a new wheel.
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