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  1. Hi Neil, Actually I ve been recently trying my last chance in requesting for quotation from the companies from China to order insulation bricks.Here in Turkey,for one piece of JM26 I need to pay 4.19$ so ıf considered that would be needed 800-1000 pieces for building,ıt costs too much for me.But ıf I find an opportunity to buy the same product with average quality from China,I may be dealed with building it by myself. Have you ever heard that someone has bought refractory from China?
  2. Yes maybe you right Patrick.My Brother who is ceramist either,also tells me that we should better buy an old kiln and restore it instead of buying or building a new one. But I really want to design a new one what I like and use for long years.I dont know yet what future will bring,it is still on researching stage..
  3. Hi Boris, It is really great work you had done.I ll definetely consider your work after I got my ultimate decision.I am still at the researching stage. Thank you for your precious sharing!
  4. Hi Mark, İt goes to 1250 °C. Yes,you competely right about shelve size is very important point before building.I want to build a kiln which allows me to fire stoneware and porcelain both if this would be possible but my priority is 1100 °C
  5. Hi again, First of all,thank you Patrick for your caring! I ll try to answer your question in order.Before start doing that,just want you know that could only read some parts of the link about your experience you sent to me.The kiln I want to build is downdraft kiln because am considering that would be able to accomplish it for the reason of material I would need only insulation bricks(JM26),burners and iron rod for construction.I dont think that would need anything else at the first step cause as an example ,even temperature indicator is not a must at first thanks to firing chart he
  6. Hello everyone, I am writing this post due to hope of meeting with someone who may help me to build a downdraft gas fired kiln. I have the book of Frederick Olsen's Kiln Book and in my opinion it has enough information to design a kiln but it may take a lot of time when I start doing that. I only start making ceramics and will be very appreciated ıf I can find someone to give me a hand.. That's why I just want to ask people on here and maybe somebody would like to share a kiln plan (preferentially 1m3) which had been tested before. Thank you in advance!
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