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  1. Makin' pencil holders and utensil holders for the farmer's market, hope I can get them bisqued and glazed by Dec 1st... stupid "money" job interfering with my "dream" job, lol. - Mugs are ready to gomugsforfarmersmarket.jpg.c4bd6b160e03c8e4861fe2d6e9ab0622.jpg

    1. LeeU


      Hey--don't knock it. Having a money job to fuel and support your dream job is smart--creativity put into practice throughout your endeavors.   Add business card/letter holders--people love them as gifts for people who have a desk at work or for their retail store card at the cash register.  Trust me on this! B)

    2. shawnhar


      Not knockin it too bad, just wish I could throw a lot more and the job eats up a lot of my time. Thanks for the tip! I had not thought of card holders. I'll try to think of a design for that. 

    3. JohnnyK


      First thing that came to mind for the letter holder...same as sponge holder (cup with slots); for the business card holder,,, smaller cup with most of the front half carved away. Thanks for the suggestion, Lee!

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