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  1. Neil, thanks for the process help. I would have turned them all on at once! Your methodology is a good way to bring up the temperature slowly without having controls to do so. Arnold, Thanks for the link to the instruction manual. These are a lot more detailed than the other instructions I have found. The photos also help! Anyone have any suggestions which cones to get and where is the best place to get them? I have two different situations, going from greenware to Bisque and the firing the paint. Probably not going to use a lot of glass at this time as mostly it will be painting bisque (animals, trees etc) and firing it. not doing dinnerware etc. Thanks again everyone!
  2. Mark, Thanks for the quick response and the information you provided. I have not been able to turn the unit on yet as I am waiting for the electrician to run power to it. I will let him know to use a 60 amp breaker and also have him replace the power cord. I have a few more questions. Do you know what the top two switches and the bottom 4 switches each do? Which 3 switches are the elements? Thanks for the advice on getting some cones. Do you know a good place to get them and which cone number(s) will I need? The kiln will be used for firing greenware from a slip mold and firing on some painted ceramics. I apologize if my terminology is not up to par yet. I was able to find a user manual for the sitter this morning so I will go through that and make sure it is adjusted properly. So once the sitter is properly adjusted, to use the kiln basically, it is my understanding that we will load up with needs to be fired, insert the correct number cone into the sitter, turn on all the switches and when it reaches the correct temp / time the sitter will shut down the kiln. Do you have a recommendation for a good supplier of kiln and sitter parts? Just in case the kiln or sitter needs replacement parts.
  3. Hi all, Just picked up a used Gare kiln model 2327 and need some help with it. The PO had no idea about it and I am not able to find any instructions online about it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to use it? It also came with a Kiln sitter model K-10. I am trying to determine how to use it, set temperature / time etc. Any help is appreciated. It looks old... but I have never owned a kiln before so I have no idea. Thank you!!
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