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  1. I actually enter 9999 when I program it, but for some reason it shows as 5555 when I view the program. I have tried to redo the program several times but it always change the 9999 to 5555. I concluded (wrongly?) that it had something to do with units ( F vs C).
  2. Hi thank you for helping out ☺️ The program is i Celcius and tack fusing Seg:4 ra1 rate/hour: 202 selected temp: 540 hold: 0 ra2 rate/hour: 9999( for some reason is shows as 5555) temp: 800 hold: 0.20(20min) Ra3 rate/hour: 9999 temp: 540 hold: 2.00(2hours) Ra4 rate/hour: 51 temp: 420 hold:0
  3. Hi, I'm a newbie and have a problem with my bartlett v6-cf I use for glas (vary fire). The kiln heat up just fine in the programmed steps but when it reaches max temp it won't hold the temp. The hold time is 20min but already after a few minuts the temp falls. After 20min the temp had dropped 40 C. I'm fairly sure the programming is right. Could it be a problem with the control unit or the kiln itself?
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