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  1. Hi Donna!

    May I suggest you post your question to the "Studio Operations and Making Work" forum?


    A couple thoughts

      Did you have cones at same level as the thermocouple? Expect there to be warmer and cooler places...

      Do you have an idea how fast the temp was rising the last hour or so? Note that the cones bend at lower temps when it's taking longer to get hotter - shoot for 2237F for cone 5.5 when the rate is 270F/hour



    1. DonnaN


      That's interesting because the temperature read 2237 at the hottest.  It then started to move down.  We have a call into the ConeArt company to see what we can alter or if we did something incorrectly.  It must have gotten to close to 2295 or hotter because the cone 7 cone was bent all the way over as well.  I don't know about the rate of temperature rise.  Oh, so much to learn!

    2. Hulk


      Each of the three columns is a different rate; to reach cone 5 where the rate is 27F/hour, stop at 2118F.

      If the rate is much faster, e.g. 270F/hour, then take it up to 2205F

      Your cone 7 will bend at 2194 if there's enough "heat work" (iow, slow rate).

      I've fired one glaze load in my home kiln; I overfired on account o' my thermocouple reads a bit low, and my rate is slow as well...

    3. Bill Kielb

      Bill Kielb

      The v6CF defaults to about 120 degrees per hour in the last 250 degrees of firing in cone fire mode. so their built  in cone table will say 2232 I believe. I just replied with a post detailing some simple questions and we can send her the basic V6Cf technical setup. It’s pretty easy and since she is close likely will help correct the situation.

      she will need to get familiar with fast glaze, slow glaze, etc..... as well 

  2. Hulk

    Hi Sue!

    Copy your question to equipment use and repair thread?


    ...I'm not finding anything on Scarva's website this morning. Is it a hand pump unit?

    1. Sue T

      Sue T

      yes it is.  You can pump it up and it sprays for a while.  Looks like they have 2 versions.  One you have to pump all the time and the other, which holds the pressure for a little while.  The one review I read said you get very little mist generated, which sounds good.

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