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  1. Thank you! This is helpful info. Where can Ifind DH Potter’s schedule?
  2. This is so helpful to me! I am also new to this forum and have recently purchased an old Cress B-23-H. I am currently running my second Glaze Firing, and I am wondering if there is any reason to turn the dials toward high fire? For my first Glaze Firing, I had the dials to Low for one hour (DIY downdraft vent that I installed on), Medium for 2 hours, and High for 4.5 hours and I was feeling it was taking longer than expected so I turned the dials to High Fire and two hours later it shut off. (And I used a cone 6 Junior cone in the kiln sitter, but the Witness comes showed a firing to Cone 5.) My question is should I just leave it at high and wait it out this time? I turned it to high fire last time in thinking that maybe the kiln wasn’t getting as hot as it should. As for not getting up to Cone 6, I tried using the thicker end of the cone. If that doesn’t work, I’m planning to use a Cone 7 Jr cone. Or I was told to try turning the kiln back to high for one hour after it shuts off. Thanks to anyone who has thoughts! It’s good to know others have this same old kiln out there
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