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  1. That did occur to me and earlier today I tried taking my hands off very slowly and carefully, but the wobble persisted. I thought the problem could be posture or bracing and I'm far from an expert on what proper bracing should feel like. I place my elbows on my knees while leaning forward, and hold my knees in place with the rest of my body. I tend to use my upper body weight to apply pressure to clay during centering rather than my arms. I don't know if it's relevant, but the clay will usually leave a wide skirt of clay on the bat, about 1-2 inches at the farthest point f
  2. I started looking to make sure I was centering properly, and noticed that even though the clay feels centered it always has a very slight wobble. What am I doing to cause a very small wobble no matter how much I center it?
  3. Hey all, brand new here so I'm not sure about tags, etiquette, or if this is the right place for questions so feel free to correct any errors on my part. So, I have been practicing throwing at every opportunity for the last couple of months. I have been taking a general ceramics class, but the teacher is really a handbuilding person and the throwing stuff is mostly left as a "do it if you want to" sort of thing, and they leave the throwing students to their own devices. As a result, I am almost entirely self-taught, and learned almost everything I know about throwing from this guy - https
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