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  1. Hi Benzine, I am trying to achieve some solid colors on some shapes and then several layers on others. For instance a layer of blue, light blue, green. Would you recommend using an underglaze base coat for the multi-layerd application, or am I wasting the ug since it will likely be covered? Thanks. Gregory
  2. Hi Min, Thank you for taking the time to clarify this issue and to include a site to view. (I may ask a follow-up question!) Cheers, Gregory
  3. I read the Paul Wandless article in March/April Pottery Making Illustrated about mixing underglazes. I'm creating abstract sculptures out of clay. I realize that underglazes can be mixed to create new palettes that aren't available straight out of the jar. What are the advantages of mixing my own colors and then covering with a clear glaze such as semi-gloss or gloss when there are fifty or more commercial glazes ranging from transparent to opaque? One brand, I don't remember, offers glazes that start from transparent to opaque depending upon the number of coats, ranging from o
  4. Thanks all. Regarding the kiln type, I use a front-loader. I use the Duncan, Amaco and Spectrum low-fire glazes. Each brand is either 05 or 06. I think it's better not to use multiple brands to maintain organization so I'm going to use each brand until I run out and then just go with one. All the brands look alike to me, at least from the catalog. Perhaps you've noticed differences? Thanks again.
  5. I'm unsatisfied with the colors of some low fire commercial glazes I've applied to my sculptures. I'd like to turn the intensity down a notch, say from brilliant orange to a lighter orange. I've heard that using hair spray allows the new glaze (I plan on using a transparent yellow) to adhere. And should I apply 2-3 coats? I don't want to lose the forms to these overbearing glazes. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm designing a number of sculptural vases and firing them using 05 and 06 glazes. The interiors are like the exteriors: sharp bends, undercuts, open spaces. I'm having a heck of a time trying to glaze the interior. Can you suggest any possible methods? They're too heavy to dip and have too many holes and gaps to glaze and swirl without creating a large mess. Perhaps I don't need to glaze the interior? Will it be waterproof if the outside is glazed? Thanks. Greg
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