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  1. I used to purchase hurricane lamp parts from Axner but I admit I wasn't really happy with the cheap quality, which was pitted after just a year or two. Does anyone have a source for quality hurricane lamp parts (oil lamps)?
  2. Thank you all so much for taking the time to answer my post! I appreciate your replies. I think we are going shopping for the 3000 range based on the collective experience here. :-)
  3. Thanks but what looks GREAT on pottery? I don't want "dull" but at the same time I don't want a booth that looks like a landing strip for an airplane.
  4. I was wondering what color temperature bulb looks best with pottery.... 3500 or 5000 kelvin? Basically warm light versus daylight. Purchasing the new lighting is a big investment and I don't want the wrong color lights for my booth. Your opinions are appreciated.
  5. Thank you :-) I was hoping you all would say "leave it in... no problem!" ha, ha ha. silly me.
  6. I'm going to warmer climates for four months. Can I leave the clay inside my Bailey mixer/pugger or do I have to open it and clean it out?
  7. Thank you... I forgot all about Aftosa. Much appreciated.
  8. The Square? No. Paypal Here is wonderful. Great service (I had a self induced problem late on a Saturday afternoon and I was able to speak to a woman here in the USA who helped me out). If you go with the Square you will probably never speak to a human except for when you sign up. Bad customer service.
  9. I used to purchase the parts from Axner many years ago but I'm unable to find them now. Does anyone have a source for them that is reasonably priced? Thanks so much!
  10. Has anyone else noticed the "LL Bean Effect" with customers? That is, they have purchased your pottery in the past and have broken it and now expect YOU to replace it free because, obviously, it was made improperly. At my last show a woman brought over a baking dish she purchased from me TWELVE YEARS AGO. She broke one of the handles. She said it was inferior and did not withstand the weekly use. Really? I offered her a discount on another baker but she would have none of that. She went off and got her girlfriend and the two of them basically bullied me into a free replacement. I gave in due to having a full booth of customers and not wanting to create a scene. But, I'm still steaming about it (obviously, LOL). Just got an email from a customer who bought a mug last year and has used it daily. It developed a crack and she wants a free replacement with free shipping. This has been happening to me more in the past few years than in the first 15 years I was in business. Its annoying. Okay, I'm done venting. Phew. I feel better.
  11. Many, many thanks for all the great replies. I am much bettered armed now and have a good plan to go with. RDWolf, your story really had me laughing! Well, not the breakage part but how you handled it... very clever and EFFECTIVE! Thanks for sharing! Tracy
  12. Thanks John, that's a great idea to send out a new shipping terms/agreement. Mea, I'm sure these same customers would balk at having to pay for return shipping. Do you reimburse them? I suppose I could just have them photograph the broken pieces.... Chris, I wish they were closer so I could borrow your ups line! Tracy
  13. I've got a few wholesale customers who are I suspect are cutting costs at my loss. I pack my pottery very well... use a ton of bubble wrap, good cartons etc. I don't overload boxes. Customers are charged the cost of shipping, bubble wrap plus insurance. A few wholesale accounts repeatedly, order after order, call me with claims of breakage... which always amounts to the total of shipping expenses they were charged. Normally, I reship the broken items at my expense plus make the claim to USPS but I don't always get my loses covered. I'm getting tired of being burned by these accounts because I suspect the breakage is not true, just a way of not paying shipping charges. Now I'm thinking of telling these wholesale customers that they must make the claim via USPS. Do any of you have experience with that? I'm not sure if that will do any good so perhaps this post is more of a vent than anything else. Tracy
  14. Many years ago our studio and living situation was just one big area, no doors. Living area up, studio downstairs. My dog had access to our studio and loved to stay with us while we worked. During the summer he preferred the area just outside the studio doors during the day. But, for the most part he spent many hours in our workspace. Sadly, even though we kept a tidy area he developed lung cancer and we had to put him down. Remember, the dogs are at ground zero with dust and chemicals. I no longer allow animals in my studio, its just too heart breaking. Well, kitty wanders in and out but he's not allowed to stay too long, just a few minutes. Everyone please rethink letting your dog lay down and nap on your studio floor. If they must be with you, elevate their sleep area as best you can.
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