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    Camping, kayaking, family, travel, Art in general. I have a small studio in my garage. Two electric kilns, two wheels, wedging table etc. I am primarily interested in cone 6 Ox. but like to see what is going on at all ranges. Read about ceramics voraciously and love the feel of the clay and throwing. Have to admit that my greatest joy is in the making, not the glazing. That said I do mix my own glazes, some of my own formulas, some borrowed. Retired from teaching art, in 2009 after 36 years, taught ceramics 34 of those years.

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I retired from teaching in 2009. Until then I spent most of my time teaching art. I also had several side jobs that were often short time, department chairman, itinerant professor, set designer and crew head for HS, part time potter. My plan now that I am retired is to put more time in on the pottery, attend some workshops, travel, and enjoy life to the fullest with my wife. We have two children that are grown, and one granddaughter.


My pottery is primarily wheel thrown, and handbuilt, with the emphasis on wheel throwing. I have been firing to cone 6 in a kiln without a sitter, and  like to have the luxury of firing up and down with ease in that kiln. However, now that I am getting older I really don't want to babysit a kiln all night, and am looking to upgrade to a programmable kiln sometime in the future.

I have not been a loose thrower, no matter how hard I tried to loosen up, but recently began stamping the unshaped cylinder and then shaping. This has allowed me to have surfaces that take glazes quite well, and are continuously evolving as my stamp/roller collection changes.  I have a tendency to throw very dry, and thin to get larger forms, but this new process has made me become more interested in surface. I do throw mostly functional ware, but lately have been doing more "occasion" jars for anniversaries, retirements, and weddings. I am not overly creative, just things done with hard work. I hope to make improvements in my glazing process, and finishing over the next few years.

In 2018 I started a making pieces for Savannah Bee in Georgia. They are or will be selling mugs, honey jars and teapots now in their stores.

I have also been a contributor to Ceramics Monthly magazine with two articles in the past two years as Quick Tips


My blog on making pottery and my pieces are at: http://picworkspottery.blogspot.com/


I have loved the clay from the beginning and find the feel between my fingers to be a matter of ecstasy, a drawstring on my heart.

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