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    Camping, kayaking, family, travel, Art in general. I have a small studio in my garage. Two electric kilns, two wheels, wedging table etc. I am primarily interested in cone 6 Ox. but like to see what is going on at all ranges. Read about ceramics voraciously and love the feel of the clay and throwing. Have to admit that my greatest joy is in the making, not the glazing. That said I do mix my own glazes, some of my own formulas, some borrowed. Retired from teaching art, in 2009 after 36 years, taught ceramics 34 of those years.

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  1. Kiln arrived yesterday, and is now in the shop. I am in the process of reassembling, and have an electrician coming to do whatever needs done with the wiring into service. I am also getting ready to set the vent into the chimney at back corner.

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    2. Pres


      Assembled, now I am waiting on electrician.


      When the old J236 broke down, it was in the middle of a firing. The cones had turned white, and the pots were all glaze fired, but lacked depth and appropriate hardness. I believe the kiln reached about 2150F. Therefore, I have enough of a load to fire in the new kiln. The old kiln would hold 2 patens(plates) at a layer with overlap of rims at different heights. The new kiln will handle 3 to a layer, and will handle quite a load of chalices at the top levels.  The first firing will not be packed, but will get me used to what is going on.

    3. GEP


      Congrats, Pres! 

    4. dondon


      great news! hee hee exciting....x

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