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  1. My 45th year of 4th of July local show is in the am.

    1. Gabby


      I am going to try to get to your Anacortes show.

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      See you there -my booth is in front of the rockfish cafe 

      319C, 320C
      Between 3rd & 4th streets in the Center

    3. glazenerd


      Congrats on 45 years- hit the 45 year mark myself. 

  2. Two glaze fires going today-just like last week on this day.

  3. Another Glaze Monday

    1. DirtRoads


      Get a TV in there!   VOD is your friend.  How many days a week do you spend glazing versus making?

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I seem to glaze and load two gas kilns on Monday-at least every other week in my slow time. I did this last Monday as well so thats 5 days making one glazing . I'm doing a 4th of July show and have lots of extra stock-so my plan is take 3 weeks off from glazing-which is an extra week. I need to go fishing .

  4. Summer must be here as the board is slow  with less posts these days

    1. glazenerd


      This forum is probably the largest repository of information on every aspect of all things ceramics. I suspect people are doing searches in lieu of asking questions. Of the 28,000 plus members, less than 100 post on a regular basis.

    2. DirtRoads


      Yes.  I got 2 responses on my productivity question from people who have never posted here.    They actually went to my website.  One of them has 28 employees.    I have another forum member that's on my Face Book and chats occasionally, who used to post here.  I guess some people don't post on forums. 

    3. glazenerd


      Same here. I get more questions in my PM or direct email, than I do in the forum. Not exactly sure why, but I suspect most members do. Would imagine Mark gets alot of them given his production history.

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  5. Glaze day today for two glaze fires

    1. glazenerd


      Total CF of both kilns is?

  6. Roto tilled and a planting garden while firing glaze fire

    1. yappystudent


      Nice to see you take breaks once in a while. 

  7. Glazed day on Friday

  8. Two glaze fires unloading on Friday

    show on Mothers day weekend coming up

  9. Monday glaze day-been nursing pulled back muscle all week

    1. Min


      ouch! Pulled the muscles down my right side a couple weeks ago, still need help loading the kiln and lifting boxes of clay. Hope you heal fast, hard to slow down isn't it?!!

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Could not put socks on for a few days and no I do not heal fast at 65 anymore. I took this week off from glaze firing and am only moving lighter loads.I may take two days to glaze and load two kilns this week instead of 1

  10. Sun and rain sun and rain-up to 34 inches for the year for rain less for the sun

    1. Denice


      Mark is that the average rain fall you get every year.   We have had a little over a inch of moisture since last November.  I just noticed that you had your 65th birthday in March, congratulations.  I had my 65th October 15 last year.  I  am going to draw off of my husbands Social Security,  I will get more money that way.   I have to wait until I am 66 and he has to enroll also.   My husband is still working and is retiring next October.    Denice

  11. Another middle 60s day great for drying out pots-This past week has been great weather for pottery drying outside

    1. Benzine


      It snowed here yesterday, and this morning we had wind chills near zero...

    2. terrim8


      #**!!@^% its -10 here right now. The pond is still frozen. I'm feeding the poor robins and other birds. Not supposed to go over negative temps until Monday. Ice age anyone?

  12. Friday is glaze day

    Saturday fire two glaze fires

  13. Back to throwing today-sunny and pots are outside drying in sun-65 degrees today

    1. Pres


      Today was warmer in the shop 48F., wearing insulated pants, base layer 2 sweatshirt. Throwing honey jars, and mugs lately. Don't ever seem to get warm even when back in the house.



  14. Never got over 50 degrees at home today and raining and we are freezing after a month in Molokai 

    1. Denice


      Is this your last blast of winter?  We have been in the 80's already but it is suppose to be in the 60's and rainy all week.  Last year it dropped down to 10 degrees one night at the end of March  and cut down on the population of wasps that chase us around every summer.  Denice

  15. salt fire came out really nice .

    1. Denice


      Post some photos when you get back.   Denice

  16.  salt fire two is unloading today at 9.30 MolokaI TIME ZONE

  17. Salt kiln firing today on Molokai

  18. salt kiln loading afternoon

  19. salt kiln glaze day at Molokai Art Center-starts at 2pm-then I load kiln.

  20. Salt kiln is coming together -I'll try to take some more photos.should be done today.

  21. cloudy and cooler today -76 degrees with light trade winds

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      We got the salt kiln lined today with fiber .

    2. Min


      Really enjoy seeing the build in progress, thanks!  Can't wait to see how the pots come out. 

  22. snowed last night-winter wonderland here this morning.Very rare for us indeed-into the 20's tonight

    1. Denice


      We got a ice storm overnight,  it thundered and lightning and rain a quarter inch of ice.   My son is visiting from Palau and is freezing.  Denice

    2. Benzine


      We should have snow on the ground, and a week ago, we did.  Most of it melted over the weekend, and woke up to thunderstorms this morning. 

      Last year at this time, it was in the 60s and 70s!

    3. Denice


      We had another ice storm last night,  we only had two cold nights last year.  It is suppose to be in the high 50's next week.   I only worked in my studio yesterday for a couple of hours, it was to cold and my heater wasn't cutting it.   Denice

  23. Dropped off work at 5 outlets yesterday-only two more to cover before the tropics-I'm taking the lead that Pres started.

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      by this time of winter I am envious. My arms are aching from the snow shoveling. Enjoy the Tropics.



  24. Glaze kiln is cooling for an afternoon unload-next glaze will be in late March-big break

  25. Monday glaze day and tax account day.Last load before my trip

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