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  1. Yes the above post shopws how to do this. You will notice at the top of the equipment page there is pinned page on Brent wheel repairs where all Brent repair videos live as well. This adjustment is easy-good luck- Thanks akalspots for posting
  2. My workbench (all of them looked like this yesterday-today the kilns are glaze firing). Today benches are empty One and half handed glazing takes time My new temporay cast can take a xxxl rubber glove over it now. Going to rain some it feels like.
  3. No in a air sealed container it should be the same (thats after a day or two of mixed up dry ingredients to saturate completly)
  4. Usually thats a foot pedal adjustment what brand of wheel is it? welcome to the forum
  5. Most cords are long enough but any cord can be replaced with a longer one. Its non issue. Just keep the wire size the same.
  6. Clay and ovens in homes are not compatable .You need to fire it in a kiln.
  7. You can also use a han d bottle spary mister to wet wares so they absorb less. I think its best to make the glaze the right thickness and leave the wares dry to glaze.
  8. Thick glaze application will make this worse. The glazes look thick as others have said-try less glaze-with that much color it may not look any different color wise but not pit.
  9. EPK is a cheap way to get alumina into your body and that will strenghten it and the clay will not affect . I used 15% in my cast body long ago which the form had a huge hole in side and it slumped. Thast why the 15%. It fixed the issue and was a easy fix. Your mug is not that warped so 5-10% may be enough .
  10. Add 5% EPK (dry mix) to a test before wet mixing and since you are testing do a 10% EPK. This will stiffen the body just a bit. Maybe enough -cast a mug with handle on each test and see if the 5% or 10% works. I assume this is cone 6 as you did not say-just a guess This will stiffen the clay body just a bit and is an easy cheap fix. I have done this with cone 10 porcelain laguna slip dry body myself years ago with great results.
  11. The glazes affected look to be high saturation colors. What is your clay body? porcelain or stoneware?
  12. Open the lid -turn on as low as ot will go. (I cannot recall if cress has seperate control of elements?) Only turn on the bottom elements if you can. Leave on low and control heat with lid The other way is dry your work with heat in studio more.(may be easier)
  13. Not at all necessary (freshen up") Just a waste of energy (Could the bricks be holding onto residual fumes from firings and could this be causing the glaze issue?). not this will not be the case More likely the clay /.glaze /firing schedule and soak /end temps Maybe speak to those details so folks can help you out on this
  14. Yes it slows down drying -small price to pay for floating rocks. I only use it in glaze that settles hard and fast. Epsom salts for me is generally just to toughen glaze. Since I'm cone 10 the fluxes usually are no falling out. If I was working in cone 6, I would use more magma.
  15. Best to set them before firing as they get more and more brittle over time firing
  16. Best if trays are thrown on the pot and the drain holes are in the sides draining into the trays.
  17. Bill summed it well 30 amp breaker-new cord or recepitcal The reason I like to do the receptacle side over the cord/plug is the cord will be a 50 amp and really that outlet now is only a 30 amp outlet so a 30 amp recepitcal should be installed so there is no confusion
  18. Change out the power outlet (receptacle ) and change out the breaker to a double pole 240/220 breaker 40 amp breaker-Get rid of the 50 amp breaker until you need it again. That way the breaker will protect the kiln . Thats if the kiln plate says it uses 30 amps and you need to add 25% for safety margin. For some reason nobody says what the kiln plate really says-so i assume your kiln draws 30 amps= 40 amp breaker Outlet change or buy a new cord (outlet is cheaper I think) and you need a new 40 amp doulbe pole breaker . Since you said its a 50 amp breaker and outl
  19. DO not use an adaptor-also the kiln needs a 25% margin for safety-is the 30 amp what the kiln plate says it draws? if so a 40 amp breaker with #8 wire size is needed in circuit to get your margin of safety 30 amps is #10 wire size in circuit with 30 amp breaker-kiln plate should say 20 -22amps post a kiln plate photo and we can tell you the size to use
  20. You can dry it with torch or hair dryer -as it is brick and can take heat-then install welcome to the forum
  21. We have a co-op of shorts gallery in Town-I think its under 25-30 members-One central person got it going (I have never been a member but have known a few that came and went). They sales are made by rotating members who work 1/2 or all day once a month. The gallery has you pay a monthly fee that can come out of sales or not. They get paid so rent gets paid. No paid staff or employees -been running for at least a decade or two. Its on the town square so it gets traffic and sales. No web or shipping services that I know about-only social media that folks want to do themselves.
  22. i could not open photos on second try they worked-looks like its in the glaze.
  23. Marcia has some really nice homebuilt ones check hers out-the drum lifts off with a cable. They are easy to make with fiber and a wire mesh-no need to buy one really. The fiber can be 4-6# and is cheap
  24. Whats a dreamer? Always been a doer-I think some dreaming skills may help me-lets see drinking my expresso now I'm dreaming of finishing all my work today-only have one hand so work is slow.I am dreaming about this cast coming off-only 5 days left then it a tempory cast for two weeks and rehab on the thumb will start. clay throwing still a long ways out-wait thats a dream. I do dream about being underwater if that counts
  25. Its called efflorescence -just like cave stuff-no big deal
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