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  1.  Firing two more glaze fires today

    I build my lockable pottery Booth Friday-start selling Saturday.My 39th year at this shopping center.

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    2. Min


      You're lucky you live somewhere that allows you to do this. Also, that nobody vandalizes your cases overnight. Must live in a nice place.

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      My booth locks up really well.I posted a photo a few years ago of it here.And its in front of our locally owned pet store-has security some of the time as well in shopping center-just not 24/7

      This is my 39th year in that shopping center-not sure how many more I want to do.

      a few maybe. I build the booth in 2.5 hours today then add pottery in am for 1st start day. I made this lockable booth just for this location-store it the whole year just for this .

    4. Min


      I remember seeing the photo of it, looked really good. 

  2.  Glaze days start tomorrow-two of them-last pots for large wholesale order next week dropped to just North of SF


  3.  Glaze fire today as well as the demo this am.Another glaze is cooling-big art fair in Nev. in 2 weeks

    1. glazenerd


      The cycle of business continues.

  4.  Last minute customer e-mails coming in now wanting pots shipped past my ship deadline

    1. Denice


      Do you go ahead and fill the orders?   Denice

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      4 small mugs-yes as they are small enough for UPS not to kill right now.

      The two large bowls No, I told them I would ship on the 26th.

  5.  salt fire two is unloading today at 9.30 MolokaI TIME ZONE

  6. 1st bisque of the year-glaze day on Monday

  7. 9,600 watt solar system is up and running after 5 months of on and off agin work on it.If the suns out we are gettting prepaid power.24 400 watt panels

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    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      They have much tougher panels now and the cost is is very low for a panel-I paid $195 for each 400 watt panel.

    3. Denice


      That is a  good price,  I think the small replacement blocks were a couple hundred apiece twelve years ago.  It would be nice to do something with all of the sun we get in Kansas.    Denice

    4. DirtRoads


      Exciting stuff here.  What brand solar panels do you have?   I've been looking at Renogy.     If you don't mind, share more specifics?  The big ground array 40x13 ... is that a shed?   What controller you use?  Where you house the batteries and controller?   AGM batteries?   Thanks.

      Looking at 4800 watts for $6500 system ... just looking ... no decision yet.  The 9600 sounds more useful.

      Waiting for the governor's office to get me this small grant.   They said after Christmas because I need time to put specifics in my proposal.  Also, the power company said they would send someone out ... in case I wanted to recycle excess power (like you doubt I would have any). Or just to advise, they have someone that has the experience, once I have an outline of exactly what I will buy.


  8. A few outlets are wiped on stock(yes the grocery stores)

    seems like the day before xmas is a feeding frenzy no matter what I give them in terms of stock-restock in am before heading offshore to get more crabs.Love the ocean and its bounty.

    1. Denice


      Mark are you talking about feeding frenzy of the crabs or your customers.  Have fun!   Denice

  9. Annual clay order comes in next week. 33,000 #s total -my share is 25,000#s.I odered a ton of dry glaze in 50# bags my formula-lasts me 5 years-I mix another 14 glazes to go along with it.

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    2. DirtRoads


      R&L Trucking brings my clay.   All of their trucks have a lift gate.   I have a little landing pad and an asphalt drive to the front of my studio.   My part time worker brings them in ... about 15 steps to inside storage.    I am thinking about a little pole shed there to store.  Right now we bring inside.   Could you have yours dropped at the shed? And I get my shipment 2k pounds a month.   Is there an economic incentive to order more?   I couldn't load that clay.   We take it out in 25 pound bags.  And that is so nice of you to help that friend.   You mix her clay from dry clay?


    3. Benzine


      @DirtRoads the supplier I use charges less, the more you order.  So for a single box, it costs more, for that box, that it does, if I order ten of those same boxes.  I think once you get to the quarter ton mark, the rate is by 100 lbs.  A good deal, but it confuses me when I order, which is why I ended up with double, what I wanted, in my classroom this year...

    4. DirtRoads


      Hmmm have to check this out.   Thx.


  10. Another glaze day in am

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Nice! When do you break for holiday? 

  11. Another Glaze Monday

    1. DirtRoads


      Get a TV in there!   VOD is your friend.  How many days a week do you spend glazing versus making?

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I seem to glaze and load two gas kilns on Monday-at least every other week in my slow time. I did this last Monday as well so thats 5 days making one glazing . I'm doing a 4th of July show and have lots of extra stock-so my plan is take 3 weeks off from glazing-which is an extra week. I need to go fishing .

  12. Another middle 60s day great for drying out pots-This past week has been great weather for pottery drying outside

    1. Benzine


      It snowed here yesterday, and this morning we had wind chills near zero...

    2. terrim8


      #**!!@^% its -10 here right now. The pond is still frozen. I'm feeding the poor robins and other birds. Not supposed to go over negative temps until Monday. Ice age anyone?

  13. back in full production-two early fall shows and one big gallery order for far away.Glaze day on Friday

  14. Back to throwing today-sunny and pots are outside drying in sun-65 degrees today

    1. Pres


      Today was warmer in the shop 48F., wearing insulated pants, base layer 2 sweatshirt. Throwing honey jars, and mugs lately. Don't ever seem to get warm even when back in the house.



  15. Back to work for two weeks then a new hip for my wife-two weeks off for me then to caretake.

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    2. Gabby


      Best wishes to you both, Mark. I hope your wife's recovery is speedy and that she has terrific results.

    3. lgusten


      Best wishes to your wife and you.  Pretty soon she'll be running around with no pain.  

    4. oldlady


      hope all goes well for both of you.   you realize that in the 2 weeks you will work you will outproduce most of us for the year.

  16. Been a strange week of customer requests after the xmas season-swapping mugs-broken bowls to replace-Getting in the way of tax data entry-studio is closed for 4 weeks.

  17. Been really heavy smoke in our area-but the tuna fishing offshore has been excellent

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    2. JohnnyK


      So it is easier to "smoke" your salmon?:D

    3. Min


      "Bad for mental health not to get a yearly reboot." Very true! Does the same thing for me getting away from everything.

      We only got in about 1/4 the camping this summer that we usually do, mostly because it was next to impossible finding spots, partly because of the Canada/US border being closed to non-essential travel. 

    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      No camping or traveling at all for us -we are taking this very seriously until its lesser . My offshore tuna trips-usually 150 miles  per trip-I invited two same age crew members-we wear masks all day except to eat and avoid one another as best we can.We all are staying home as much as we can.Done boat fishing now-3 tuna trips 49 tuna.Back toi other projects including making pots

  18. Big apple juicing event this Saturday at our place. Looks like a tuna trip on Thursday .Big show next weekend out of state-time to play some before work.

    1. oldlady


      and some home made apple cider later, YUM.

  19. Big kiln firing tonight-little kiln cooling from yesterdays fire.Outlets are moving pots as the season is starting strong.

  20. Big local show was a success for all-great weather-huge turnout

    1. Denice


      Time to go on vacation.   Denice

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Actually time to do another out of state show then leave the country


  21. Bisquing all kilns now.One 10cubic electric is cooling and the 25 cubic car kiln is going -will fill electric again today and fire another bisque.Crunch time

  22. Call laguna and talk to a technician  on adjustment

  23. check your personal messages for my reply

  24. Cleaned studio-back to work in clay on the 31st-taxes almost done

  25. cloudy and cooler today -76 degrees with light trade winds

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      We got the salt kiln lined today with fiber .

    2. Min


      Really enjoy seeing the build in progress, thanks!  Can't wait to see how the pots come out. 

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