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    Near Arcata Ca-redwood rain forest
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    Diving-underwater photo-salvage diving-dive Travel
    Extreme offshore tuna fishing off north coast of Ca.

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  1. I had all three kilns going today-two cone 10 gas glaze fires and a electric bisque-solar system near maxed out running the 48 amp constant load-solar offset 37kw on that fire today. still needed some grid power to get it done in 8 hours.

    1. oldlady


      bet the local fire dept. knows your location so they can ignore lots of reports of FIRE!

    2. Denice


      The college and art school I attended would have the fire department called on them constantly.   They both started firing at night.   I had a neighbor call on me when I was smoking some pots in a big barrel.  Didn't get a ticket,    I had all of the safety procedures taken care of,  they just asked me to call before I smoked pots again.  Denice

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I'm rural and nobody calls-after 48 years firing here wax smoke  and heat is no big deal. The fire dept is in a small town a mile away.New cheif who does not yet know me.

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