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    Near Arcata Ca-redwood rain forest
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    Diving-underwater photo-salvage diving-dive Travel
    Extreme offshore tuna fishing off north coast of Ca.

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  1. Last Glaze day of the year for me on Monday-sale is going strong now at my pottery booth-I'm closing two days to glaze and fire-also I do not want to go 18 days this year  selling only 15 maximum selling days from now on.

    1. glazenerd


      I know you have the count but I was curious: how many plates, cups, spoon rest,  etc. do you make a year?

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I NEVER count  pots-If I did I would have gone crazy years ago. What I can say is I count tons of clay used per year-Its been about 10 the past few years  . This year  its about 7.5 for 2018 . Have not counted exactly  yet but thats my guess.I'm slowing down fast now but that said my guess is a few thousand spoon rests and the same with sponge holders.The rest I do not want to know.

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