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    Near Arcata Ca-redwood rain forest
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    Diving-underwater photo-salvage diving-dive Travel
    Extreme offshore tuna fishing off north coast of Ca.

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  1.  Firing two more glaze fires today

    I build my lockable pottery Booth Friday-start selling Saturday.My 39th year at this shopping center.

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    2. Min


      You're lucky you live somewhere that allows you to do this. Also, that nobody vandalizes your cases overnight. Must live in a nice place.

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      My booth locks up really well.I posted a photo a few years ago of it here.And its in front of our locally owned pet store-has security some of the time as well in shopping center-just not 24/7

      This is my 39th year in that shopping center-not sure how many more I want to do.

      a few maybe. I build the booth in 2.5 hours today then add pottery in am for 1st start day. I made this lockable booth just for this location-store it the whole year just for this .

    4. Min


      I remember seeing the photo of it, looked really good. 

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