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    Near Arcata Ca-redwood rain forest
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    Diving-underwater photo-salvage diving-dive Travel
    Extreme offshore tuna fishing off north coast of Ca.

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  1. Firing last glaze  fire before out of state show 1000 miles from here.

    Boulder City NV

    1. Pres


      Get some rest before driving out!;)

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Busy time for us-we are 30 days out on escrow on wifes house sale-just signed in new renters today. I am taking a large wholesale order on trip to drop off in Santa Barbara as my nephew is getting married on beach weekend after art show  so I'm staying south-my wife flys down next week to SB for wedding and we return via medical appointment in SF on way home.

      I will get rested in next few days while packing up. As you know sleep is harder when you are older.I'm making the drive south to Boulder City over parts of 3 days so the longest day will be only about 9 hours drive..

      I'm done making work and last kiln is cooling for two days.

      I plan on swimming in the ocean for 4 days while visiting my sister in Summerland near SB.

    3. Pres


      Should be fun, and I am sure that four days of soaking in the ocean will do you good. . .like a fish back in water.  I am trying to fill a bisque load, 25# pickling crock, 20# pickling crock, bunch of mugs, apple bakers, and batter bowls. Going to try working with the 630 on some teapots before the weather freezes me out of the shop. Also have to finish up next Springs Communion set orders.




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