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  1. Firing day two glaze fires -big order to get done

  2. firing two glaze fires-this summer has seen a huge uptick in sales at all outlets.

  3. Juiced up 52 gallons of apple juice yesterday -gave way 46 gallons-We down sized out usuall event from 25  of all ages to 5 of us witholder folks with masks on and 6 feet or more apart

    Crew member picked up 36 cases of Tuna in cans from cannery on Oregon as well-12 cases for myself and crew .Fall is busy time-out of mugs and am glazing in am-lots of mugs

  4. Been really heavy smoke in our area-but the tuna fishing offshore has been excellent

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    2. JohnnyK


      So it is easier to "smoke" your salmon?:D

    3. Min


      "Bad for mental health not to get a yearly reboot." Very true! Does the same thing for me getting away from everything.

      We only got in about 1/4 the camping this summer that we usually do, mostly because it was next to impossible finding spots, partly because of the Canada/US border being closed to non-essential travel. 

    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      No camping or traveling at all for us -we are taking this very seriously until its lesser . My offshore tuna trips-usually 150 miles  per trip-I invited two same age crew members-we wear masks all day except to eat and avoid one another as best we can.We all are staying home as much as we can.Done boat fishing now-3 tuna trips 49 tuna.Back toi other projects including making pots

  5. site seems to have a weird issue going on

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    2. Rae Reich

      Rae Reich

      You mean these polka dots in odd places?

    3. Min


      @Rae Reich, there was an upgrade going on but all is good now.

    4. Rae Reich

      Rae Reich

      Still big dots on my screen and interference with thumbs-ups

  6. Sold one of my older electrics today-gave her the whole  deal-tons of extras -10, 1/2 shelves 2 fulls

    older working skutt 218 ,3 section

    all manual /no timer, extra new lid and extra new sitter along with spare parts  ,PLUGS etc ,as I do not use the 2.5 inch smaller size kilns any more(been stored for 30 years. Very fair price WAY under $300

    she needed a bisque kiln -perfect use for this older model

    1. Min


      It's nice when something is going unused and it gets a new life isn't it? Sounds like you gave her a sweet deal.

  7. Glaze days Monday -tuesday-large wholesale order locally at a Restaurant/gift shop I have been in since 1973. Will be firing a car kiln and the small  12  cubic footer in a few days-unload next Monday 

  8. Our favorite Thrift shop is Islands thrift in Oak Harbor on Widby Island if you get up that way. Its more visted these days but still a great spot. It works so well as the airbase is nearby and has a constant turnover of folks who dump most of thier stuff moving to another base.

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    2. liambesaw


      We usually hit about 6 of them on a Saturday or Sunday, we have a few in the neighborhood and then some church based ones that always have awesome weird old stuff that old ladies leave to the church in their will.

      This coronavirus thing has us jonesing for a thrift store fix, none of them are open


    3. Denice


      I know what you mean,   we drove by a estate sale Friday in our favorite historic neighborhood.   We thought if there wasn't very many cars out front we might take a look.   There must have been fifty cars parked up and down the street so we drove on by.  It is really the houses we want to see and this one was a plain old farmhouse not a grand old mansion.    Going shopping at Trader Joe's tomorrow,  plan to get there for senior shopping hour,  we went a few weeks ago and  running late.   We were over run by young people not wearing any masks  or distancing.   You would hardly know that there was a pandemic  here,  the only people wearing masks  are elderly,  clerks and some waitresses,  I am expecting another spike.     Denice

    4. Pres


      Here in Central PA, hardly anyone under the age of 60 is wearing a mask, numbers are rising all over the state, and the number of cars going through the area from other places is really up. I often see plates from Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, and others. Never noticed so many before.




  9. There is a randal wheel for sale  NOW on potters attic or the Ceramists attic both are facebook for pottery sales sites

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I meant this as a PM. -sorry 

  10.  Glaze days start tomorrow-two of them-last pots for large wholesale order next week dropped to just North of SF


  11. Glaze day-or should I say one of two glaze days-the beat goes on.

  12. Packed for Big show-van weighs over 11K now with pots and tanks and lead weight belts and  underwater cameras-its a slow drive north in am.

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    2. DirtRoads


      Have fun!  (I used to teach scuba diving ... if you can believe that ... lol another life time .... omg it took me 7 years to get thru undergraduate I did so much diving)


    3. DirtRoads


      and you will come back with a lot less so overload won't be a problem!


    4. liambesaw


      His booth was poppin when we stopped by and it wasnt even 11 yet!  Nice meeting you mark and good luck with the rest of the weekend!

  13. Glaze day Monday-bisque is candling now-one burner

  14. Glaze day on Friday-two kilns to glaze and load .

  15. Annual clay order comes in next week. 33,000 #s total -my share is 25,000#s.I odered a ton of dry glaze in 50# bags my formula-lasts me 5 years-I mix another 14 glazes to go along with it.

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    2. DirtRoads


      R&L Trucking brings my clay.   All of their trucks have a lift gate.   I have a little landing pad and an asphalt drive to the front of my studio.   My part time worker brings them in ... about 15 steps to inside storage.    I am thinking about a little pole shed there to store.  Right now we bring inside.   Could you have yours dropped at the shed? And I get my shipment 2k pounds a month.   Is there an economic incentive to order more?   I couldn't load that clay.   We take it out in 25 pound bags.  And that is so nice of you to help that friend.   You mix her clay from dry clay?


    3. Benzine


      @DirtRoads the supplier I use charges less, the more you order.  So for a single box, it costs more, for that box, that it does, if I order ten of those same boxes.  I think once you get to the quarter ton mark, the rate is by 100 lbs.  A good deal, but it confuses me when I order, which is why I ended up with double, what I wanted, in my classroom this year...

    4. DirtRoads


      Hmmm have to check this out.   Thx.


  16. Two glaze fires cooling now-unloading on Monday, big show at UC Davis coming up Mothers day  weekend as well as a wholesale order that needs to be filled.

  17. Friday glaze day again two loads to glaze and load.last week the cones fell over in small kiln at about cone 8-I fired by the  seat of my pants with great turn out. 

    1. Pres


      Temp color charts are great for gross work, but fine tune comes with either cone, intuition or a good controller.




  18. Two glaze fires going simo-wholesale order and some small out of state orders-like a dinnerware set, and mug replacements.

  19. Two glaze fires going simo-back at it.

    1. glazenerd


      Let production begin!

  20. Making fish mugs with friends today.The plan is give one to Ray Troll when he is in Aracta on  book signing tour later in month

    1. Denice


      Sounds like a great time getting together with friends and making mugs.   Denice

  21. Back to work for two weeks then a new hip for my wife-two weeks off for me then to caretake.

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    2. Gabby


      Best wishes to you both, Mark. I hope your wife's recovery is speedy and that she has terrific results.

    3. lgusten


      Best wishes to your wife and you.  Pretty soon she'll be running around with no pain.  

    4. oldlady


      hope all goes well for both of you.   you realize that in the 2 weeks you will work you will outproduce most of us for the year.

  22. Fed Tax prep time-lets gather some numbers-oh boy fun stuff

    State sales tax sent off yesterday-that went smooth

  23. Last day selling pottery today-close booth at 3 pm and take it away.Very strong season this year for sales.Merry x-mas clay folks

    1. Denice


      Now you can enjoy your well deserved vacation.   Denice

    2. GEP


      Merry Christmas to you and all the clay folks too!

  24. Last Glaze day of the year for me on Monday-sale is going strong now at my pottery booth-I'm closing two days to glaze and fire-also I do not want to go 18 days this year  selling only 15 maximum selling days from now on.

    1. glazenerd


      I know you have the count but I was curious: how many plates, cups, spoon rest,  etc. do you make a year?

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I NEVER count  pots-If I did I would have gone crazy years ago. What I can say is I count tons of clay used per year-Its been about 10 the past few years  . This year  its about 7.5 for 2018 . Have not counted exactly  yet but thats my guess.I'm slowing down fast now but that said my guess is a few thousand spoon rests and the same with sponge holders.The rest I do not want to know.

  25.  Firing two more glaze fires today

    I build my lockable pottery Booth Friday-start selling Saturday.My 39th year at this shopping center.

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    2. Min


      You're lucky you live somewhere that allows you to do this. Also, that nobody vandalizes your cases overnight. Must live in a nice place.

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      My booth locks up really well.I posted a photo a few years ago of it here.And its in front of our locally owned pet store-has security some of the time as well in shopping center-just not 24/7

      This is my 39th year in that shopping center-not sure how many more I want to do.

      a few maybe. I build the booth in 2.5 hours today then add pottery in am for 1st start day. I made this lockable booth just for this location-store it the whole year just for this .

    4. Min


      I remember seeing the photo of it, looked really good. 

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