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  1. Thank you for the tips, Georgies near portland happens to be the supplier that I go to..I am fond of their G-mix 10 and they have a cone 6 variation of it that I got to play with over the past week and they feel the same while throwing, I need to ask a few more specific questions about it to make sure its a tighter vitrification range and not like a 6-10 range, thank you very much
  2. Hi there! I am new to the forum and I've been potting for about 3 almost 4 years now. So far all my potting has been done on a campus and at Cone 10. I was looking into possibly starting off on my own, I have my own little electric kiln and my own wheel as well. While looking into doing this on my own I contemplated the move from cone 10 to cone 6, however I have been looking and trying to research the possible differences between the ware and tare between the two as functional fired pieces. For instance would a mug in cone 6 have the same ware and tare time as a cone 10, how should they be treated differently in every day life? I want to make functional pieces that last! Any input would be very helpful (including possible differences between gas and electric firings up to and between cone 6 and cone 10, I know electric cone 10 is odd but I've seen it done!).
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