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  1. Hi potters - I'm leaving the LA area in a couple of weeks and want to pass these glazes on. Brushing Glaze Value: $243, selling for $175 $140 obo Dipping Glaze Value: $550, selling for $350 $300 obo Take everything for $500 $400 obo DM me if interested! Especially on the dipping glazes - easy to take the brushing glazes with me, but those buckets... Brushing Glazes (4) Unopened pints $14.75 (2) Mayco winter wood $14.75 Mayco shipwreck $12.95 Macyoshino 6 pints Opened for test tiles -99% full $11.25 Mayco Oyster
  2. Good Earth Gallery in Bellingham, WA is hosting an in person and online show this spring, juried by George Rodriguez. Open call for BIPOC artists in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. Deadline: February 15, 2021 Details here: https://www.goodearthpots.com/call-for-entries
  3. @MinI really appreciate all of the info and links! As my high school chemistry teacher used to say, "context matters!" His favorite example - water is fatal if you drink 3 gallons instead of 3 glasses, or put it in your lungs instead of your stomach.
  4. I've got some Iron Chromate, and never knew what to do with it. Just saw in this thread on making grey glazes that it's 'fairly toxic' - anyone have more info on that 'fairly? Is it problematic as dust, so during the measuring/mixing? During actual glazing, through skin exposure to wet glaze? As fumes during firing - inhalation? Or will it leach post firing, even when it's encased in a stable glaze? Any info/sources much appreciated!
  5. Hiya - what do you mean by "fairly", and when is it a problem? I inherited a random stash of ingredients, and never knew what to do with Iron Chromate. Is it problematic as dust, so during the measuring/mixing? During actual glazing, through skin exposure to wet glaze? As fumes during firing - inhalation? Or will it leach post firing, even when it's encased in a stable glaze? any info/sources much appreciated!
  6. What a great idea! Question for firing experts - what happens if she were to fire to 06, fill with water and test how long it takes to seep through - if it was too fast, could she fire AGAIN to 04? What would the actual result be on the ware?
  7. Hey Angelenos - Where do you buy clay, tools, and supplies? I'm away from my beloved Clay Art Center in Tacoma (aka the best clay store in the world) for the next few months, and I can't seem to find a comprehensive store in the area by searching on google. I did see Aardvark out in Irvine, but that's over an hour from me, so I'm hoping to find something in town. I'm looking for cone 6 clay and ideally, raw materials for glaze mixing. All suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance, Kristina
  8. Thanks, guys - Mark, great idea on facebook marketplace, I had started looking on craigslist but hadn't considered facebook marketplace! and Oldlady - my next request was going to be local supply stores! I'm really going to miss the world class Clay Art Center up in Tacoma, searching on google maps I can't find a thing, going to ask the wisdom of the forum for supply stores.
  9. Hi all - I'm temporarily in LA and am in the market for a small/medium used but fully functioning kiln - anyone have one they're trying to sell? Would love a programmable one, as it's what I'm most familiar with. This is a weird one, but I'm only here for about 5 months, so if you wanted to rent me one, let's talk! And - if anyone knows of any ceramic supply stores in the LA area that refurbish and sell used kilns, please let me know! Cheers, Kristina
  10. From the responses, it sounds like by comparison to common activities and the scope of non-potter uses for materials the impact is negligible, but I think this is an interesting question from an academic point of view, too. Please, don't spend any time on it if you don't have anything handy, buy if anyone does have any research, or @justplaindavid, if you were able to find any articles or reports, I'd be curious to read them!
  11. Hi @Callie Beller Diesel - Yep, for sure bracing my elbow into my body, and I guess I lean in? If you can center the first bit, that was a little over 3.5 pounds, you're in - you basically just do it again, then all together. Definitely lean in to get it to flatten out, and clean up the slip so it doesn't get trapped underneath, but yeah, this is the only way I'll likely ever be able to throw larger. I'm just not strong enough to control a giant (to me!) amount of clay all at once so I take it in steps.
  12. You can also try centering the first 3 pounds, then adding the second 3 and centering that on top. My ceramics teacher used to demonstrated this as an excellent strategy to employ for people with less physical strength. I'm about the same threshold as you, and can center about 3.5 pounds at a time, and it works for me. hang on, I have a time lapse my husband took of me doing this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17rbBUJJu33CIs3gwohvRBVg-x2klvSsR/view?ts=5f849db2
  13. @Dottie - if you are in Washington State, consider Clay Art Center in Tacoma as a resource. They are a FANTASTIC supplier, super knowledgable and friendly, and they have a new website with all of their products and clays. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
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