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  1. There are a couple of cracks, one in one of the creases next to the neck, and one in the inner elbow, but nothing major and nothing I'm too upset about
  2. Thank you all for your help! Unfortunately, I can't have done the spooze right... as it cracked again when I fired it. I have glued it now and thankfully the glue doesn't look too noticeable!!
  3. Thank you! I've looked into the slip.. I'm going to see what materials the college has before I go and buy it myself.
  4. Okay, thank you. I've looked that up.. but can't seem to find how long to leave it to dry after that before firing?
  5. 3 weeks ago, I started the drying process for this sculpture: It was all going well, no cracks, nothing falling off...until today. I was changing the paper under it and when I put it down, I snapped the fingers off the hand under it's head.. Would it be better to fix it before firing it.... or should I fire it and then fix it? Either way, how would I go about doing that?
  6. All of the kilns I've fired, have a contact switch, and won't fire if the lid/door isn't properly shut. I wonder if this is a UK safety feature? I'm going to check the one at the college on Monday.. they seem pretty reluctant to let me get to know this kiln and how it works. I haven't been involved in any of the firing processes up to now, other than being shown how to open the door (...yay )
  7. Thank you for explaining this further. I was aware of the the first stage, but not the second!! I have 3 holes in the body, 3 in the head and 1 in each of the limbs.. about 2-3mm wide
  8. Thanks for explaining this.. I do find the whole air/moisture/explosions thing very confusing. So much conflicting advice online, in books, etc.
  9. Thank you all very much!! That has put my mind a little more at ease. How do I make sure that it's drying slowly enough? and how slowly is slowly? I had in my head about 3 weeks Thank you for reminding me to make a hole somewhere.. I had forgotten to! Spooky, creepy and unnerving is what I aim for! I've also taken note of your firing process, thank you.
  10. Hi!! I have just finished a sculpture of a baby using smooth red clay. This is my third clay sculpture, but first without a teacher to guide me. With my previous sculptures, it was easier to remove the armatures.. there were less detailed areas which made it less traumatic to cut open/join back together. I was also far less particular about my sculptures then as can be seen by the fact I removed the armatures far too early. Is it okay for me to leave the paper inside when I fire it? Also, how slowly should I dry it to make sure fingers, toes and ears don't crack? Any other advice? Thanks in advance
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