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    What on earth makes a piece of blue paper/canvas worth that much. We should get some hospital patients painting their walls and selling them to fund the NHS.

    If I remember right there is a whole philosophy of monochrome that Klein believed in.


    i also think this isnt 'just about blue' but a specific blue that Klein searched for which he called the colour of pure space and more. its a kind of ultramarine that he patented. he spent quite a few years experimenting and trying to find the right colour he wanted. So in that one painting we see years of work and a whole bunch of paintings - maybe 200 of that.


    to me the price is the recognition of that journey that was deemed precious enough by those who bought it.


    having worked in advertising for 10 years till i got sick of it - it was always so hard to see the best work canned and rejected. and awful asinine ones win and go to to become big campaigns. if the intent was to use asinine to reach the masses because they knew it would win then that was a success in my books. but most of the time people were struggling to figure out what would work.


    i always hear paper does not bring in much money as it does not survive. i'd like to take those people to our museum and show them their paper collection from the 1400s.

    That is a very good viewpoint on the ' value' of a work of art. The value inclusive of the years of trial and error.


    I have difficulty even setting a price for my work.

  2. Hi Evelyne! The point you bring up is probably the best defined. I listed all my stuff under the art category now, but I did add tags that my vessels can be used for.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am a pretty bold person - it really shows up in my work. I recently became disabled and went back to college. I needed a fine art class and decided to try ceramics. That was it. I am hooked. :)

  3. Thank you all. This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted broad based opinions and I appreciate it very much.

    Lee - I am a huge Krampus fan and had not realized that people may not know what Krampus is - good point.

    Also, regarding the functionality of the sculptured mug, I post several angles of each piece so a patron will have a good idea of the scope of the sculpture. Is that not enough for them to make a decision whether they would like it or not?

  4. Being new to ceramics (first time I touched clay was this past January), I want opinions. I sculpt very large sculptures and attach them to vessels. I recently had a very experienced ceramicist tell me that I am "wrong" for coining my work as a mug. Link to photo of one https://www.instagram.com/p/BWBiI6oD9kQ/

    I feel that people can see what it is and can make their own assumptions and how they plan to use it.

    Am I wrong for projecting it as a mug? I need input from the community.

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