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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I knew it would take more time to get used to in comparison to the electric wheel but am enjoying the process. I have already been saving up for a motor to add speed while centering and save my knee. I added some lubricant on the underside and it has helped pick up some speed but still when throwing 5 lbs or more I am stopping during a pull so I'll just keep practicing kicking while pulling. Thanks again, Michelle
  2. So about 2 months ago my husband bought me a Lockerbie K model kick wheel. I had previously learned how to throw on an electric wheel and had been using it off and on for a few years. I have had zero experience on a manual wheel. 2 months in and I am able to center easily but I can't get the speed I would on an electric wheel so it takes quite a bit longer than I'm used to on an electric wheel. The real issue I'm having is when I pull a wall. I have to stop in the middle of pull because the wheel has slowed down or has almost stopped completely. I am only a novice potter so I some of th
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