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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I knew it would take more time to get used to in comparison to the electric wheel but am enjoying the process. I have already been saving up for a motor to add speed while centering and save my knee. I added some lubricant on the underside and it has helped pick up some speed but still when throwing 5 lbs or more I am stopping during a pull so I'll just keep practicing kicking while pulling. Thanks again, Michelle
  2. So about 2 months ago my husband bought me a Lockerbie K model kick wheel. I had previously learned how to throw on an electric wheel and had been using it off and on for a few years. I have had zero experience on a manual wheel. 2 months in and I am able to center easily but I can't get the speed I would on an electric wheel so it takes quite a bit longer than I'm used to on an electric wheel. The real issue I'm having is when I pull a wall. I have to stop in the middle of pull because the wheel has slowed down or has almost stopped completely. I am only a novice potter so I some of the time can place my hands back where I left off when I get the wheel going again, but most of the time I end up pulling an uneven wall or worse than than that the top of the piece gets off center. The Lockerbie has been around for quite awhile so I'm assuming someone out there has experience with this type of kick wheel (heavy flywheel). My best guess is a baring has gone bad but before I order another baring I wanted to see if there where any other thoughts to why I was having this issue. Thanks!
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