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  1. Hello! I have recently made the transition from earthenware to stoneware to create mugs and dinnerware. I am fairly confident I applied the glaze to thickly to these mugs as I have made three and all three have small thin hairline cracks around the areas of thicker glaze... bummer.. a lesson learnt. I wonder if i can save these mugs though? The cracks are only on the outside surface there are no cracks to the bottom or inside. Shall I write them off (use might be dangerous) consider them seconds or try to repair the cracks? I have seen a few methods of repairing on google, I don't want the repairs to be too obvious, Would be nice if i could repair and re-glaze to blend the appearance of the repair. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I may be a little sentimental over these as they are my first function stoneware makes.. Emma
  2. Thank you both! I have found some lustre surface cleaner.. will give that a whirl Thank you so much for your help and advice, Emma
  3. Hello! I have only been working with ceramics for a year and I am mostly self taught / researched. For what i do it works well enough for me, but i have recently hit a snag and i can't seem to find the right info online anywhere - I wonder if anyone can help me. I applied gold lustre to an earthenware pot recently, When i took it out of the kiln a small patch of the black underglaze had chipped off This happens quite frequently with this particular glaze its usually a small section that pops off and I unusually re-fire to cone 04 for a small repair and its just fine. I am guessing I cant re-fire the chip area to cone 04 now as I have applied the gold lustre, If I do go ahead and repair the chip will the gold lustre just burn away? If it does, will it leave the surface area intact for re-applying the gold lustre and re-firing. It sounds like a waste of time, but I would really like to save this pot as best I can before giving up and re-making from scratch. Does anyone know what it might be best for me to do? Thank you!
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