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  1. Yes, Aluminum dose melt just below 1,000 degrease. But I get much better effects at 1160. You are going to get different effects with different clays. Try & use the whitest clay you can. Laguna B mix is a good choice. ** It is Not only the temperature you fire to, it is your climbing rate, how long you hold, & how fast you cool. There are many different chemicals to get many different colors & effects. Ferric Chloride is a good base, just be careful of the fumes when firing & opening the foil.
  2. I just had a full kiln load of bisque Way over fire. It was suppose to fire to 06 but went to at least cone 8. I connected the wires wrong to the thurmo couple & everything came out burnt. ** Question. I know for raku, the clay needs to be open & UN vitrafied. Will it still be Ok to Raku without cracking? Thanks,
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