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  1. It is my understanding that they have a slip pump of some sort. I will take some pictures on Tuesday and maybe someone can identify the equipment we have. In Phoenix, humidity is not much of an issue...about 7 percent most of the time! Even during the monsoon, the AC drys the air. I will send this URL to Lonnie, who is much more knowledgeable about the ceramics than I am. Hopefully we can find someone local who can come over and walk us through the process. Our "second in command" volunteer had to go out of town for a family emergency, and won't be back for several months, so we are pretty much dead in the water right at the moment. Maybe they can do some hand pours with your instructions. Our current volunteers have never even seen a pour done. Can you possibly send a URL for a good online video? I found one, but their molds are very different from ours...they were one piece. Ours are all two piece, I think. This program has been going for almost 30 years. They have lots of equipment that has been donated over the years, but just no one right now that knows how to use it. Lonnie knows how to fire items in the kiln after they are painted and glazed. But we have always made our own greenware, and don't have funds to buy greenware. (I hope I am using the correct terms here! I am a complete ceramics novice. Our woodturning project was in a corner of the ceramics room for a year so I picked up a bit of knowledge from osmosis!) Thank you so much for responding. Like I said, I am going to turn this over to Lonnie and he will be much more knowledgeable. Sharon
  2. My name is Sharon Wertz and I work as a volunteer at the Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a very active ceramics program at the center, but this year we lost our very talented instructor and friend to a brain tumor. We have volunteers who can do most of the work in the ceramics, but no one who can do a pour. I am looking for someone in the Phoenix area who would be willing to come over and teach our volunteers to do a pour. We have hundreds of molds, and we know how to fire them, but no one really knows how to do a pour. We have two large kilns. I am not a ceramics person....I teach wood turning, but I am sighted and can use the computer so I volunteered to see if I could find someone to help us. Any help would be appreciated. We can't afford to buy greenware....we are totally supported by donations, so we really need to have someone teach us this necessary skill Thank you in advance for your help Sharon Wertz, ACBVI, Phoenix.
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