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  1. PSC, I'm planning to attend the tour de clay in December. I will be looking up some others as well. Thanks!
  2. @Oldlady, I use central Florida so broadly only to represent my willingness to travel. I live in a small city called Haines City. It's about 45 min south of Orlando near Winterhaven. Thanks!
  3. Marcia, thank you for the thorough response. You are evidence of the value Joseph and you talk about in the forums. I will look into the art teachers website. @chris No, I have not. I will look into that thanks! @Triolaz - yes! that is the path I am taking right now. I am making as many connections and taking every course I can. You're speaking my language regarding connections. Thanks!
  4. Hey Jed, I have a wheel, clay, tools, a Skutt 1027 that I'm currently rebuilding.
  5. Thanks! - I definitely have been using the forum when i felt it was appropriate - and will continue to do so. I signed up for the potter's council mentorying and have not had any responses. I completely with everything you said. I'm hoping to get a bit of directed feedback and interaction through mentorship in addition to everything I can learn from the forums.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this question - but here goes. So I've been working extremely hard to become a potter. I'm starting a little late, but I have spent a lot of time practicing and reading any books I can get my hands on. I've also gone to classes when/where possible. I really feel like I could make another large step with the support of a mentor. I have tried signing up through the "potter's guild" but I have not received any opportunities or responses. I've been inspired by many porcelain artists and have been working in that direction, however, I am open to skill set and experience of anyone willing to work with me. I am located in central Florida. If someone is even remotely close, that would be wonderful because I would love to meet them and eventually watch you in studio. If you are not in Florida, that is ABSOLUTELY fine too. I would just like to have some phone calls every once and a while and talk about my progress, be challenged, and critiqued. If you think you would be willing or know someone that might, please let me know. Joseph Reni gejoreni@gmail.com 4076147364
  7. http://www.ceramicmaterialsworkshop.com/looks incredible, not sure how I missed this. @jbaymore It looks like the classes are offered to universities or through alfred U - during specific dates. Do you know if it's possible to view them as an independent student?
  8. Marcia - I'll check it out. I'm in central Florida just south of Orlando. I'm currently seeking out a mentor in Florida if anyone here knows someone that may be interested.
  9. Hi all, I'm fairly new to ceramics but am doing my best to learn quickly. I don't have any advanced ceramics degrees near me so I am trying hard to find resources online. Currently I'm trying to learn more about clay and glaze composition. I'd love to learn about the different parts and become technically proficient in the geology or chemistry of the matter. I'm hoping someone on the forum might be able to recommend some good resources. Most things and books I've come across really only cover this topic basically. Any recommendations for resources would be greatly appreciated. Forums provide great information as well, however a lot of the information is scattered. THANKS!
  10. No, put Skutt parts in a Skutt and Paragon parts in the garbage and buy a Skutt... lol - yes sir! I'll get them direct.
  11. A+ answer - This is perfect. My plan is to test it when I get it - if all but 1 of the elements work I might replace just the 1 at 208 - then when the rest burn out replace all with 240. I've got jenken about 30 minutes away from me. You think I would be able to use their elements? I wonder if they are the same configuration - could save some $ and time that way. anyway this forum is amazing.
  12. @mark - watching this video - it would appear the damage may not need repair. I'm curious if your experience would say to replace those bricks.
  13. Mark, I'm starting to think this deal may not have been as sweet as I was originally thinking . Looking at the outlet plug it almost looks like it's converted to 240. Or does 208 look that way too? Is the top row of bricks a must have or should have. Curious if I can postpone some of these costs. This is getting expensive fast.
  14. Ok - I'll stick cone 6. I read this is a great one: http://www.lagunaclay.com/clays/northeastern/wc617.php As for switching from 206 to 240 - is that just a matter of changing the elements?
  15. Thanks Matt, I was reading for full hardness it needs to get up to like a cone 15 - do you know if it's possible to get any maturity lower than that? Curious if it can be mixed in with other white clays like porcelain. Sorry if these are stupid questions. I'm considering making some rings and want something harder than typical clay.
  16. Also - Why cone 10? I'm wanting to do some porcelain at cone 10 but it won't be for a while, really it's a nice to have.
  17. @neil, Thanks all for the quick response. So that's actually something I overlooked - I purchased this kiln used in a bid (my first kiln). I do not believe I am wired for 208 - but it's going to be near a breaker - I wonder if it's better to have it wired or just replace the elements. I'm expecting i'll have to replace some of the elements anyway. I got (what I think) is a great deal I paid $120 for it on a gov surplus website - I have to drive three hours to pick it up tho the link https://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/auction/view?auc=1821933 Is it realistic to change the elements on this? my dad is an EE so I'm sure he could help me with the details but maybe a couple quick tips would be nice. THANKS!
  18. Hi I have recently purchased a Skutt 1027 Specifications: Model: KS-1027 Volts: 208 Amps: 48 PH: 1 Is it possible to upgrade it to get up to cone 10?
  19. So there seems to be a lot of zirconium oxide being used for jewelry and kitchenware under the name "high-tech ceramic". is this something that can be fired in a kiln? it seems to be a popular ingredient for glazes, but I'm not sure if it's the same thing. Thanks in advance - sorry if it's a dumb question but sometimes dumb can lead to luck.
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