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  1. OldLady, I'm not quite sure I understand your question and reply. Yes, I'm wanting to install in my Kitchen sink- it's my only sink. I wish I had a utility one. I plan to do a tub for getting the clumps isolated (so they don't go in the sink). When you said "grease and solids don't go in the sink", you're talking about the Gleco melting and also trapping food?
  2. Whatever method I end up using, it will be via the dishtub setup recently described (for the larger sediment), then in my kitchen sink (where I was planning on installing the Gleco for the smaller sediment). I will just dump the larger junk outside when finished. Any experience with the Buffalo Trap-Eze?
  3. Does anyone have experience with the Gleco Sink Traps or the Buffalo Trap-Eze sediment containers? I'm starting a (very) small home studio, plan to dump my heavy sludge water outside, but want a sink trap when washing hands and some equipment. The Buffalo Trap-Eze container and fittings are less expensive, but seem similar to the gleco. Anyone with insight in comparing these 2 or have other insights? Thanks, -Adam
  4. I finally did it! I found an used Creative Industries Clay Boss at a yard sale for $120! I inspected it, based on some posts here regarding what to look for, and it appears to work great. However, it only came with 1/2 of the old black splash pan. I'm looking online and seeing approx $60 for a new pan. Does anyone know of a more economical source to find a splash pan? It would also be nice to find new supplies too, if there's another great place/resource for that?!
  5. Thank you, everyone, for your replies! I'm glad I checked here first, I already sometimes make things that would be too big. I am located in Southern Oregon.
  6. Greetings everyone! This is my first post. I'm wanting to start a hobby studio, I've been making pottery for a few months now and think I am ready for a low-cost studio in my small space. I have been online obsessing over different wheels, and have been drawn to the Speedball Artista, considering that I can sometimes find it online for 200-250 dollars. I found a listing that offers an Artista wheel and a Skutt KS-609 ($500 for wheel and kiln, I will have to drive 6-7 hrs to get it too). ​From what I can see, Skutts are great, but I'm worried that this kiln is too small. The big plus ​is that it plugs into a standard 120V outlet (of course, with a dedicated fuse). It has a 9"x11" internal dimension. Anyone have experience with this kiln? Is this a good price for both? What stuff could I fire with it? Thanks for helping me find and finally acquire a wheel and small kiln. -Adam
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