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  1. Thanks to all who responded. Based on your advice, I'll give it a try. And, BTW, regarding a mention by Juli, I meant to list topic as cone 04.
  2. Brand new at ceramics, and having fun, I have a question. Is it possible to fire a small bisque object and its glaze at the same time? I wonder if applying the glaze to a very dry but not-yet-fired object less than the size of a tennis ball would work. If this question doesn't have some of you seasoned veterans rolling on the floor with laughter, I'd be interested in the technical reasons for or against. Thanks.
  3. I recently purchased a used Cress B18H kiln. 240 volts, 23 watts, with kiln sitter. I am not familiar with this model kiln, but was told by the seller (who had recently moved, and had no 240 outlet available to show it performing) that it works fine, and it certainly does appears very clean.Plugging it in to test for the first time, setting both dials to "Medium", the pyrometric stick in place, the elements began to heat immediately, but then the kiln powered off after about thirty seconds, stayed off for a few weconds, and then came back on for about another thirty seconds. I listened/watched this cycle for about four off-and-ons, and thought it best to shut it down and start asking questions. Is this the normal way that this kiln ramps up to temperature, or is there perhaps something wrong with the controls? Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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