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  1. I hadn't considered a calculated comparison - thank you so much! That's a handy one to have...I've added it to my notes. It's a little round one with standard 2.5" bricking so I should be fine reaching cone 6. I'll keep a close eye on it especially near the end and perhaps do a slow firing. Without access to any documentation the "Do not exceed ----Degrees" is still a consideration. Never had a melt-down and don't want to start now Thanks for the great info Tim!
  2. Yes thank you Tim. I already have and they are awesome as usual. Unfortunately, they only have the info on the controller which they had already sent. I actually just received an email now from them that it 'should be' capable of cone 6
  3. I just got a little Firecraft P-1317 . There is no max temp anywhere on it and no documentation (only for the PerfectFire controller). It's a 240V, 20Amp, 17.5"W x 13.5"H. I have looked everywhere on the net for info. Does anyone here have an idea of what this kiln is rated for? I generally work ^6 stoneware and would like to use it for that. Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  4. It depends on the kiln itself. The make and model should be stamped somewhere and you can then obtain the specs. I have a tiny and versatile Paragon that can fire to ^10 but they are not all equal.
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