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  1. It sounds like what started out as a possible ensuing tornado-like nightmare (circumstances with the Artista wheel), actually has turned into a wonderful 'yellow-brick road'.


    Now starts a great adventure with your progress down that road, with a myriad of wonderful discoveries to be made, muted with the occasional 'flying monkey' encountered. rolleyes.gif


    Congratulations and good success!




  2. I have never heard of that but please keep us posted on your recovery. It sounds terrible. I had both hands operated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome almost 30 years ago.

    The recovery was slower than it is now. I am having pain in my thumbs for the last few years and wrists, shoulders...old age coming!





    I had carpal trouble about 15 years ago, and after reading several letters in Ceramics monthly, and in other journals, started taking B-6. It seemed to relieve the problem so I kept it up, and still have had no problems. A few years back a major study was run that debunked the use of B-6, so evidently it doesn't work, but I haven't stopped taking it. There have been several folks with the CT surgery in my area, and there has been mixed results. I have also known of one case with the surgery where some bones were removed, and the persons recovery took a long time. My son had to have wrist fused after a bike/auto accident. It really messed him up, and later the fusing separated, causing lots of pain. Tough in his line of work as he is a chef.



    Not meaning to sideline the topic, but rather add a little more info to the 'wrist injury' aspect with my carpal tunnel experience.


    Three years after moving here (Sweden) from the USA I began having problems with both wrists and self diagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as the malady. Coming from the US, I had known numerous people that had this and it seemed surgery was generally always the solution. So that was my thinking, though being a woodcarver, I have a fear of knives being used on me in carving techniques ....unsure.gif


    Upon seeing a doctor, he confirmed my suspicions but seemed puzzled when I asked what were my options. I mentioned surgery and he just laughed and said, 'we don't do that over here as it isn't reliable.' His only option it seems was to make an appointment for me to see a Physical Therapist.


    A few days later, I met the PT (herself a ceramist) and she gave me two soft velcroed wrist binding/braces, which looked almost identical to what I've seen some professional bowlers use on occasion. These I was to wear while sleeping and some part of the day for a couple of weeks. Additionally she showed me a number of finger-hand-wrist-arm movement exercises that I was to do for ten minutes four or five times/day. Then after the CTS subsided, I was to continue doing these exercises two or three times per day plus was advised that when doing repetitive hand movements... like in carving, construction or working clay... to take rest stops for at least fifteen minutes every couple of hours followed by the exercises.


    My CTS problems ended within two weeks of my meeting with the therapist and after nine years I can say that I have not been bothered since, even though I admit being somewhat lackadaisical about sticking absolutely to the exercise regiment. I try to though, really!


    Certainly saved me lots of money (from surgery plus related costs), lost recuperation time and the trauma from being the new medium for a carving with knives! laugh.gif Now if I can just keep that 'old age' that's creeping on, at bay for a couple more decades, I'll feel I have won out over the CTS.

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