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Hi ALL...


A native Oregonian now residing in the south of Sweden. My education is more in sculpture with an emphasis in glass and metal, though since moving here some years ago, I've picked up ceramics and wood as well. After approximately 4 years of renovating (more like totally rebuilding/modernizing) a late 1800's adobe house, I am near completed.



Additionally, I've built my ceramic studio in the old potato storage (my home for the first two years of this project-laugh.gif) area of the barn which is a wonderfully insulated room. After the SKUTT (1027) kiln was hooked up, I began designing and casting plaster molds to facilitate in the production of some of the hundreds of tiles that I'll need to finish the interior of the house. First of October, I was able to install some of my first baseboard tiles (in the living room- pictured), which are a wonderful accent to the antique terra-cotta floor tiles I put in last year.






The near future will have me continuing on some of the small finishing jobs with the house as well as designing/production of molds for hundreds of relief border tiles I'll need to trim out the bathroom. Then I'll begin to delve back into my previous life dealing with more sculptural issues, focusing on ceramics and wood.

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