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  2. Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I truly appreciate the help! I'll definitely take the advice about the bats, and will keep practicing until I get it right.
  3. Thank you for the replies! I will mark the bat with a marker, and also try throwing directly on the wheel head. Hopefully after I gain a little more practice the wobble won't matter so much.
  4. Hello all! I am new to both the forum and to the craft. I recently bought a Speedball Artista wheel, and have been trying to center and throw a cylinder, but keep failing. I only got one small pot out of several days worth of practice - which I later ruined while trying to center and trim. At first I figured it was my technique, since I'm basically teaching myself how to do this. But then I noticed that the plastic bats I'm using have just a little bit of a wobble. They sit tight and flat, but seem to be just a tad bit off-center. The bare wheel head looks like it spins true. Is this small wobble going to be an issue, or am I overreacting? The bat pins are different sizes, and one slides out of the hole of the wheel head with just finger force, while the other pin needs removed via screwdriver. Is this normal? Does anyone have any experience with this? Am I doing it wrong? I just feel like I'm missing something here.
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