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  2. Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I truly appreciate the help! I'll definitely take the advice about the bats, and will keep practicing until I get it right.
  3. Thank you for the replies! I will mark the bat with a marker, and also try throwing directly on the wheel head. Hopefully after I gain a little more practice the wobble won't matter so much.
  4. Hello all! I am new to both the forum and to the craft. I recently bought a Speedball Artista wheel, and have been trying to center and throw a cylinder, but keep failing. I only got one small pot out of several days worth of practice - which I later ruined while trying to center and trim. At first I figured it was my technique, since I'm basically teaching myself how to do this. But then I noticed that the plastic bats I'm using have just a little bit of a wobble. They sit tight and flat, but seem to be just a tad bit off-center. The bare wheel head looks like it spins true. Is this small wob
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