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  1. Of course! Ha my apologies, didn't mean to tease! The first image is of one of the pieces before reglazing - it is a vase with the cone 6 glaze. The images of the mug show the same cone 6 glaze as the vase (on the same clay) but with a cone 06 glaze over. The texture was a bit more than I had wanted, but overall I'm pretty happy with the results! (Sorry the lighting in the room with the photos of the mug was a bit yellow, in person the glaze is a bit more matte and teal colored)
  2. Hello everyone! I'm happy to report that my little mishap turned experiment worked out a-okay! I buffed the pieces lightly with sandpaper so they had some texture, put one coat of cone 06 glaze over, and retired - I'm pretty happy with the results! The pieces definitely have some strange texture and coloring, but in an intriguing way - thanks again for all your help
  3. Thank you all so much for your guidance on this one - I really appreciate it, I will take this lesson to heart and forge ahead! Onward to the wheel once more
  4. I don't mean to be obnoxious by asking yet another question about this - I think now I'm mostly curious what you all think would happen, as I've made peace with the fact that I'll more than likely need to part with these pieces- but would it hurt to fire them at cone 06 again? I have no clue what would happen... Thanks again for all your insight!
  5. Bullocks - I was afraid of this! Denice you're so right, this is a great learning opportunity and one I'll be sure to double, no, triple check in the future! I had another thought - do you think I could potentially clear glaze over my pieces (as they exist now, with the strange and incomplete cone 6 glaze) and refire them at cone 06? That way I hopefully wouldn't do any damage to anyone else's pieces, and no puddles would be created, but perhaps I can salvage some small bit of my work? Thanks again!
  6. Hi Y'all - I'm super stressing cause I don't know if I can reverse my mistake. The studio I work at uses a kiln that can fires to a max of cone 10, but regularly fires at cone 06 and uses EM342 whiteware clay. I somehow totally missed the memo and thought I heard them say we fire at cone 6 (!) so I went ahead and bought some really beautiful cone 5-6 glazes, covered a handful of pieces in them, and, to probably no one on this forum's surprise (but to my total dismay) they came out all kinds of wacky Is there any way I can salvage my pieces? One thought - could I fire the pieces again at cone 6? Would the clay be able to withstand that? Your ideas would be appreciated - thanks!
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