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  1. Also Felipe Ortega has posted an article that tells the history and steps in making a micaeous cooking pot: http://www.felipeortega.com/pdf/Felipe%20Art%20and%20Practice.pdf
  2. Hi Pat, I've taken one micaeous clay class at the local university. I use the micaeous pots on top of the stove almost daily. These are cooking pots and they make the food taste sweet. It's a shame not to use them for cooking. I love the way they look but I love the way they cook even more. It's a blast to be able to make your own stovetop and oven safe cookware. I also have taken them full of food from the fridge straight to the stovetop. We fired to cone 014, very low fire, and then smoked them in a pit fire with lots of pine bark. The pit firing creates fire clouds and is for beauty.
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