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  1. I am looking for posters for my new teaching pottery studio. Where can I get posters of finished work. I am not looking for how to do pottery posters. Just posters for inspiration or from clay, kiln, and glaze companies. Thanks
  2. Has anyone done any shows in Florida by American Craft Endeavorers/Howard Allan Events? I am thinking of applying for one of these shows but they are expensive and I am definelty not rich from being a potter so I am concerned if it is worth it. If I do an expensive show It is only going to be worth it if I make a decent amount over the fees and expenses.
  3. From the album: My pottery

    Muhly grass top weaved with natural sinew.
  4. From the album: My pottery

    Dark brown stoneware clay. Wheel thrown and altered.
  5. From the album: My pottery

    Dark brown clay body. Cone 6. Driftwood attached via hemp
  6. Why can't I get my profile picture to show up?

    1. dhPotter


      If you have done everything as the Refresher says, mainly that your pic is less than 50k, it takes a while for it to change. I changed mine 2 days ago and it took several hours, if not overnite, to change.

    2. GEP
    3. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Use a photo editing app or pc program, like Photoshop, and make it small. No bigger than 72 dpi and 50k. then follow GEP instructions above

  7. Any experiences with hydro-bats and/or hydra bats from highwater? I am looking to possibly order one of these types of bats.
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