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  1. I'll ask! I use a shared studio so I don't get to handle the kiln (it fires at cone 6 but that's all I know), and I have no idea about the ingredients in the clear glaze (it's made in the studio, I'll ask!). In case the percentage of gherstly borate would be high, should I look up another clear glaze? Suggestions? Also: could this be due to a too thick layer of glaze? - this clear coating was too thick imho.
  2. The underglaze went only into the groves I traced into the dry pot, everything else was wiped of. Should I still apply several layers?
  3. I thought I had inserted the pic in my post but for some reason, it's not there (tried again now, still nothing, maybe some restriction due to the fact I'm a new user on this forum?), however, this is a link: http://www.cavolettodibruxelles.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/IMG_7304.jpg Hope this helps, and think you for your time!
  4. I started pottery a bit over a year ago and recently begun exploring decorative techniques. I tried some underglaze inlay on a greenware piece, carving out decorative lines on a small waxed porcelain cup, then painting the whole thing with blue underglaze, and wiping off the excess underglaze. I bisque fired the piece, then dipped it in transparent glaze and fired it again. The final cup has streaky underglaze, I don't understand why since the underglaze was bisque fired before I applied the final glaze? (I'll attach a picture, please note it's just a test piece I do notice however that the streaking seems to occur on those lines that were less deep (the straight lines were carved a bit deeper into the clay, might that be the solution? - I thought mishima could be fairly superficial, am I wrong?) Should I try to sponge on the clear glaze instead of dipping? Also, I find that dipping gives me a bit of a thick final transparent coating, could I try and brush it on in order to obtain a thinner coating or am I just setting myself up for a huge mess? I'd very much appreciate some experienced insight on this! Many Thanks in advance! SaveSave
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