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  1. Wow, thanks so much for all your recommendations, especially being able to roast a pig and plan my own cremation!! One of my old kilns now is super big and I can barely reach over it to get stuff in. I actually have a stilted floor, about 4", just to make me reach it and it takes me forever to load. My other kiln is super small but manageable for quick turnover but it cools down super duper fast. Size is important. I don't live that close to any place that sells them so its difficult for me to figure out size but I will try! I do plan on buying a forever kiln with all the bells and whistles now so your advice is really helpful. Looks like its down to L&L and ConeArt which are the two I have been looking at. I had not thought about front loading so I will do some research on that as well. Anything that makes life more convenient is good enough for me!! Now to go shopping!!
  2. Yahoo...I have saved enough for a new kiln and am ready to start shopping. I have been using a manual kiln where holds and ramping etc are not a choice so I am excited to move forward... But there are so many choices and this kiln has to last forever and fit my needs. I fire cone 6 and generally make small functional ware. But I want something that will grow with me, maybe cone 10 someday. I have saved enough for the best. So what are your recommendations and features I should look for Thanks
  3. Thank you both and fair enough. My usual Base glaze is Hansen 20x5 and it works well for what I do. I have put Ziropax in and tested it and made a lovely white. I guess I am feeling in a bit of a glaze rut and wanted to try something new. As for part of my question... Does Minespar 200 work when a recipe calls for soda felspar?
  4. Hi. I was looking for a nice white liner glaze and I came upon Turners White in a CAD article. It said it was good with cone 6 and cone 10 and mixes well with Mason stains. Sounds perfect to me, The glaze called for soda ash which I was out of. I called my local pottery shop and he had Minspar 200 which he said should work well as a sub. So I tested it at Cone 6 and it came out very underfired looking. It was dry and cracked This is the recipe I made Dolomite 10 Whiting 9 Minespar 200 25 Custer Felspar 20 EPK 18 Talc 6 Silica 12 BEntonite 2 Zircopax 8 (I used Zircopax plus) Is Minspar 200 a good Soda Felspar? Could it have been Zircopax Plus instead of just Zircopax? What can I do to fix this glaze for cone 6 firing. Thanks
  5. I have read that adding Alumina to wax helps when waxing the gallery of pots and their lids so you can fire together. I was wondering if Kiln wash in wax would do the same thing. I have plenty of that and no alumina! Thanks
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