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  1. So, it appears tgat SG is the same as ‘Pint weight’, it doesnt matter what you weigh it on as long as its accurate and using the same scale for the two weights. The containter doesnt matter either just use the same mark to check the weight. In the UK 1000ml is 1Kg and is a good weight for measuring slip, if you use too small amount it is less accurate. You ‘tare’ the container on the scale first, then add the slip, so no complicated calculations. The same applies for SG for glaze ( you need to know the right SG for the glaze you are using), if you have made it yourself you can test it
  2. Thank you for your quick response. I will check this out before casting again and let you know the result.
  3. Thank you Magnet, 1.75 - 1.78 that must be USA measurement- I know this is an old thread..... but.... Ive just started slipcasting, what fun. Beginners luck and all the vases I cast were perfect, bought tubs of porcelain slip. Then tried stoneware, also purchased, too heavy, too everything, vase OKish. Now tried to go back to basics and make it all myself. Instead of persisting with own dried clay, I purchased powdered slip casting stoneware, found recipe on the net, in all my (many)reference books, came up with what sounded right, diluted the weighed gram soda ash, checked t
  4. Thank you - here is the finished Baby Hippo. (Sorry cannot get the photo to reduce jpeg on my ipad ) Clear matt glaze shiny parts, but as its a sculpture it just adds to the interest. Worked just fine. Phew
  5. From one ‘old lady’ to another - thank you for being so clear. We have just bought a new to us (secondhand) kiln Cone Art, very exciting as my original kiln was bought already 30 years old and now Im sculpting I need something a bit larger. Peep holes didnt exist on my old kiln, I left the top bung out til 800C or until the ‘mirror on a stick’ (DIY tool for finding the things you drop under what you are working on) did not mist. No need for gloves or danger to burn yourself, the stainless steel sick is quite long to keep hands clear. I know this is an old thread, but this site always
  6. Was this successful? I have underfired a sculptural piece with matt glaze over underglazing bisqued. Just come out looks like raw white glaze. I would like to refire at the higher correct temperature, I had fired to 1080 C and the glaze should be 1200-1280 C. Appreciate any comments
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