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  1. It has been a long time since I have done anything with molds as I am mainly a wheel thrower. I have a plaster fruit bowl mold (hump mold over a year old but have never used it before until now) and my clay won't release from it and I'm scared that if I don't take it off soon that it will crack (its been on the mold for almost a full day uncovered). I can't get it off, what should I do? And how do you keep your clay from sticking to your plaster molds?
  2. What's considered a good and great amount in dollars to sell at a day art show for a pottery booth? I know there are a lot of factors to come into play like weather and location but putting it aside, ball park it. Or what amount would you be happy with?
  3. I added another picture to the original post. It's very zoomed in, but I hope you can see what I mean by raised.
  4. I use mayco, duncan, amaco, and coyote and its been happening with all of them. I fire to cone 6. I have tired sieving but it didn't seem to work. Could it be from overfiring maybe in my kiln? It's cone 6 clay and I fire to cone 6 but it has been hot out. Here's a picture of another piece where it happened and hopefully you can see what I mean by raised.
  5. What causes this? I keep getting cracks in my glazes that are raised that makes you want to pick at them like in the picture. It happening with all my glazes but it's bottle glaze so I don't think that's the problem. I tried cleaning my poyyery befor glazing and that didn't work. I'm really lost on what is causing this but it's happening on nearly everything I fire now(like 60 percent of my stuff). I've haven't had this problem until recently and I'm getting really frustrated. I love pottery so much but this is breaking my heart. I think it's something with my clay. Could this be due to something like sponge bits in my clay?
  6. Is this crazing and if so what causes it? I've been using this glaze and several others for a year now and I've never had problem with them until now. The only things that really has changed is that I have hep glazing now to keep up with orders and shows. Could this be from over application possibly? It's only been on stuff that I didn't glaze myself but other things they glaze turn out amazing. I just want to stop this from happening so anything help!
  7. I have an upcoming show and so I've been glaze firing like crazy. I've never had problems before but I've been getting tiny cracks in my glaze on some pieces. Would you still sell them?
  8. I use manufactured glaze. Why does my glaze crack sometimes? Usually a random crack so I'm not sure if it crazing.... Sometimes it cracks days later as well.
  9. I saw this post and watched the first episode of the first season. Are these supposed to be skilled potters because most of them seemed quite unskilled. I understand that they have time limit but really?
  10. Yeah I use one coyote that's super pretty. Any specifics you like to use Lee?
  11. I am pretty much a self taught potter and have never had any formal training on mixing glazes so I buy all of my glazes. Some from a local studio that they mix and some that I get online. I am still in search of a bright medium blue that I like. And a medium blue that isn't so bright. Does anyone have any suggestions on a specific glaze? or you can just share what glazes you like to use. Oh and I fire to cone 6.
  12. What is NCECA exactly? Like what will it all entail? And did you enjoy it when you went?
  13. Is a farmers market a decent place to sell pottery? There aren't a lot of art shows where I am from, but the farmers market is huge and all sorts of vendors are there.
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