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  1. How much do you charge for a mug? 15? 20? 25? 30? 40? My mugs are on the bigger side (but not steins) and each of them are carved, so I am just trying to figure out a good price point.
  2. How do I see my past posts to know if anyone answered my questions?
  3. How much should I have made for my first art show? How many mugs? Platters? Bowls? Planters? Jars? Sponge Holders? Etc? Also do sets of things sell well?
  4. What colors of pottery do you find sells the best? Neutrals like white and brown? Light colors? Dark colors? Blues? Greens? Shinos? Etc?
  5. Help!! I have been selling pottery for about a year now, but have just been taking orders. I just signed up for my first art show and I was just wondering what I should have all made. What sells best in pottery? Bowls? Mugs? Planters? Pitchers? Ring holders? Sponge holders? Platters? etc?? And what do you typically sell it for? Also do sets sell well?
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